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M-1 Carbines

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Yeah, I know, everybody hates it. But I thought I'd show my 21st Century updated carbine one more time just for S&G. 😁

Don't worry. The other one is just like Uncle Sam issued them. 👍


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6 minutes ago, Grayfox54 said:

Yeah, I know, everybody hates it. But I thought I'd show my 21st Century updated carbine one more time just for S&G. 😁

Don't worry. The other one is just like Uncle Sam issued them. 👍


The bleach in my eyes literally just dried the other day after your initial presentation of this “thing”.  😝

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If you think the standard carbine is fun, you oughta  try this. Its a hoot! 😀

I actually once shot a 3 gun match with it. The other guys just looked and shook their heads. But I didn't do half bad.  i even out scored some guys with decked out ARs. 😉

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47 minutes ago, Garufa said:

The bleach in my eyes literally just dried the other day after your initial presentation of this “thing”.  😝

I'll not post a pic of my shooter, I want you to still like me

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On 6/11/2021 at 10:33 PM, Grayfox54 said:

Back to the Carbines: The plot thickens. Saw this posted over at Sig-Talk. Apparently it was an e-mail sent to one of the new purchasers. 

Dear Customer,

Thank you and congratulations on your M1 Carbine purchase! Response to these guns was overwhelming and we are still hard at work getting them processed and out the door. We know you’re excited to get your new gun and we appreciate your patience. When your M1 Carbine arrives, we are confident you’re going to be pleased with your purchase. We’d love to see these guns in the hands of our happy Customers, so if you share a photo of your carbine on social media, please be sure to tag us!
WE HAVE MORE GREAT NEWS! We have military surplus M1 Carbine Magazines produced during WWII between 1942 and 1945. These magazines were manufactured by one of 17 different companies which can be identified by markings on the rear of the magazine. WWII production magazines do not come available often and we have a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.
Because we have such a limited supply, we are initially only notifying Customers who bought an M1 Carbine so you have the first opportunity to purchase.
WE ALSO HAVE a very limited supply of M1 Carbine Ammunition!
The magazines and ammunition will be turned on for sale Tuesday, June 15, at 8:00 AM Central Daylight time. Please note we have very limited supplies of each of these products, quantity limits will apply, and they will sell fast!
Below are the product numbers we will turn on Tuesday, June 15. For your best opportunity to purchase, please be ready to order at 8:00AM CDT.

333327 - Military Surplus Magazine M1 Carbine 30 Carbine 15-Round New Old Stock Steel

607887 - Military Surplus Magazine M1 Carbine 30 Carbine 15-Round Grade 1 Steel

191953 - Military Surplus Magazine M1 Carbine 30 Carbine 15-Round Grade 2 Steel

409493 - Military Surplus Magazine M1 Carbine 30 Carbine 15-Round Grade 3 Steel


Damn! I used to like Midway. Now they pull this crap!  Especially after telling me in an e-mail that they had no G.I. surplus mags. 💩


Well, at least they are giving the carbine purchasers first shot at them though.  But I get your point.

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12 hours ago, Grayfox54 said:

Yeah, I know, everybody hates it. But I thought I'd show my 21st Century updated carbine one more time just for S&G. 😁

Don't worry. The other one is just like Uncle Sam issued them. 👍


Hey, I'd take that fugly thing off your hands, if you priced it where I could afford it.  I'd much rather have this than a Ruger Mini 14. I'm serious!!! 

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Just got home from vacation and found my M1 waiting for me/ Here are some fresh out o the box pics, pre-cleaning. This is a Postal Meter Very Good - Fine grade:

The splotches on the wood appear to just be on the surface. It's either a dried substance or perhaps some mildew/mold. It scratches off easily with a fingernail (which was promptly washed). Any suggestions on cleaning the wood? With my old Mosins I just scrubbed the wood with Simple Green and rinsed them off with clean (ish) water....they were $80 Mosins.  🙂  I suspect I may need to be a bit more diligent about this one. I was thinking Murphy's oil soap would do the trick. What say you?

The metal looks to be in great shape. No significant wear that I saw off hand. No rust.

The wood has no cracks, but has the usual dents, dings,, etc.

The barrel is marked Underwood 3-43. I'll get some better pics, including the bore after cleaning.

P.S. I can confirm the email from Midway posted above is legit. I received the same one.



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There are several threads/posts out there on boards like the CMP boards regarding cleaning wood stocks. 
Believe it or not one of the most promoted is the dishwasher method. Do your own research on the process but it basically a hand wash with something like simple green and then a cycle in the dishwasher (without the dry cycle) and without added cleaner/chemicals other than the simple green. 
Apparently it not only cleans all the grease, oils, and dirt from the wood it also restores some of the minor dings and dents much like steaming a dent with a damp cloth and an hot iron. 

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Nice score @monkeylizard

As for the stock, do you research and do it well, before trying any aggressive "cleaning" methods.  Especially with that Winchester cartouche!  SImple Green and dishwashers are a real good way to strip it.  I'd probably wipe it down with some mineral spirits first to see how it looks.

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Thanks. I did some reading this morning and it looks like some odorless Mineral Spirits is the best first step on the wood. I don't want it to look "like new" so I won't be stripping it or ironing it to remove the dings. I like them. I just want to get the grease and whatever the splotchy stuff is off there....I'm pretty sure it's mold.  Good thing I have some masks sitting around to use while cleaning. 🙂


Once I get it cleaned up, I'll post some pics of all the markings I can find.

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Posted (edited)

Freedom Day seemed like a good time to get this one cleaned up, so as promised here are some finished pics. I picked up 2 USGI 15-round mags wrapped in the wax paper from Brownell's. I'll keep them as they are and get some KCI mags for actual use. I'm waiting on ammo prices to get back to normal and I'll get some .30 Carbine and have some fun.

The splotches on the wood were definitely some kind of mold or mildew (given the round clusters, I'm going with mold). Oderless Mineral Spirits wasn't doing anything on those, but it did cut the little bit of dried grease off easily. There wasn't much on it. It wasn't all gunked up the way a milsurp SKS usually is. Some are pics made as I disassembled so you'll still see some of the grease. I did have to resort to Simple Green for the mold. It took it off without damaging the finish, but the mold did leave behind some lighter splotches in the wood. I may go back over the stock with some Tung oil to help preserve the wood. The splotches are right where human sweat would have been most in contact with the wood. The left side of the cheek weld area, the underside of the grip where fingers would be grabbing, and a little out on the lower forearm where the support hand would be. I kind of like the discoloration it left behind because it tells the story of this rifle a little more.

The metal is in great shape overall with only some very light rust marks on one side of the trigger group. The rifling is clean with sharp edges.

I didn't disassemble the trigger group or the bolt. Both move freely and weren't crudded up so I just hit them with some cleaner and scrubbed what I could reach then added some oil.


I tried to capture all the stamps for those of ya'll who nerd out over that sort of thing. 🙂

The main stock, is stamped with an "H" by the mag well and a "3" along the front edge, both inside the stock and not visible when assembled. No markings in the upper hand guard.

The bolt is marked "EM-Q" for Quality Hardware.

There's a "5" at the rear of the the trigger assembly and "4" and smaller superscripted "3"  towards the front. I didn't notice any other markings.

There's a "W" on the hammer for Winchester.

The usual ordinance bomb on the bottom of the trigger guard.

The rear sight is marked "IR CO." for Inland or IBM. With the number on it, I think that makes it a post-war part so it was replaced at some point after the war.

The barrel, as I mentioned above is an Underwood "3-43". The barrel spring retaining clip is marked "U". On the bottom of the barrel it's marked "PW ARMS REDMOND, WA" but that looks lasered on to me rather than stamped. I suspect it's the importer?



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Nice rifle.  You're correct, PW Arms is the importer, they have been one of the more prolific bonded importers of milsurps for several years now ...

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