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Another reason I prefer dogs over people

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Pets are not supposed to be fadsicon-mad.gif  icon-mad.gif

Reports of a troubling trend have begun to surface across the country of large numbers of people returning pets that they adopted during the pandemic. Apparently, as things begin to return to normal, people are realizing that they may not be as prepared for the pet as they thought they were.

Shelters across the United States are seeing higher than average rates of returns, the BBC reports. About a year ago, these same shelters saw a spike in adoptions as people faced lockdowns due to the pandemic.


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It's terrible the way people consider pets to be disposable. We wouldn't let ours go for anything. Though I had forgotten how hard puppy training is. Ours are part of the family and are treated as such.

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I adopted my GSD on February 7, 2020. I wasn’t prepared either. I wasn’t prepared for the unbelievable level of love that he has for us. And I wasn’t prepared for the absolute, complete, total, deep rooted love I have for him. Even my wife, who has been cold and indifferent toward animals, is head over heels for him. We weren’t prepared for that either. In other words he is absolutely one of the very best things that has ever happened to us. He is no less than a full fledged family member, and he is loved and protected as such. 

For the life of me I cannot understand how people can consider a pet as a disposable fad to be abandoned or disposed of after they have been used. Pets do not deserve that kind of treatment and in my opinion it takes a special kind of trash to do that. But these days this stupid society is packed full of very special kinds of trash. 

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I do feel very sorry for the dogs whose lives are once again in turmoil. That is very unfair to them.

While it is sad that folks adopt without thinking it through, the up side is that some are returning the pups rather than neglecting them, or worse.  

My avatar is an owner-surrender; my other pup was found wandering the streets in Tuscaloosa.

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45 minutes ago, E4 No More said:

As bad as some of you feel about this, it is much better than abandoning the animal somewhere. We have had many dogs abandoned in the area of my house that's in the country.

That’s how I wound up with a lot of my dogs when I was a kid. Dog shows up tired, hungry and lonely. Well buddy you got a home now. 

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3 hours ago, kentmck said:

Our dogs have always been considered family. We take care of them for life. 

Our last two dogs have been shelter dogs and I won’t ever buy from a dog breeder again. 

we have two shelter dogs and a registered great dane pup. I searched the shelters before buying her from a dedicated home breeder. I love all of them.

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This is why Mrs. 'lizard and I didn't get a dog during the lockdowns. We knew it would be the perfect time to do it with me home all the time and her home for the first part of it, but we also knew the lockdowns would end before the dog did. I'm still at home, but we're starting to get back to normal and normal for us is not conducive to having a dog.

As a side funny, I saw this making the rounds on the socials a while back:  😄

Dog shelters: Don’t buy puppies, consider adoption instead
Also dog shelters: This is pissfingers. She’s 19 years old and can’t live in a home with children, books or electricity. Pissfingers is nervous around hair. She needs 400 acres of land and an orchard of extinct fruits.

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We have a rescue dog, it's a wild child/devil dog that is extremely spastic about almost everything named Maggie.  💩  Wife pays more attention to it than me, but that means I get away with a lot more stuff now.  LOL

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