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AAR - Real World Shotgun with Randy Harris

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OK, I admit I am a training junky......primarily handgun stuff.  I also admit I am a fan of Randys.  I have never taken a shotgun course, considering I have shot 10's of thousands of shotgun shells I have never taken a formal combative shotgun class.  I re-learned you don't know what you don't know.  I learned that the shotgun as a defensive weapon is devestatingly final in most instances.  It also has its limitations in range and application.  Combination of types/ brands of 00 buck and shotgun have different performance results.  Change one and you may have significant  change in results.  You should know that before you load up before just assuming what your results will be.  Randy's course is an eye opener in that regard.  Also it double checks your equipment.  Sights, speed, accurracy , reliability are all important factors that pop up in a formal training setting.  Face it, most of us won't do that on our own and under the direction of a competent instructor can be eye opening.  Whether handgun, rifle , or shotgun, Randy is a great local resource that can help test you and your equipment revealing the and disadvantages before the fecal material hits the revolving blades.

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7 hours ago, chances R said:

OK, I admit I am a training junky......

So you say you liked the class, LOL Thanks for the review.

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Posted (edited)

A little more detail

Started with history of the shotgun and context; military / law enforcement vs. how it is typically used by civilians.

Extended safety discussion with photos...control your muzzle, control your finger and control yourself.

Dry work to instill habits of running the slide, dummy rounds to practice loading to keep your giant J-frame running.

@chances R is spot on with patterning your shotgun. Standard buckshot at 15+ yards really starts to spread, regardless of the brand of shotgun or ammo.

The bestest buckshot for my 870 Tactical is Federal with the flight control was. 

For the students, we had them shoot one Federal at 15 yards. Every group was fist size with no obvious flyers.

Everyone did well with hitting what they were aiming at, both statically and on the move.

I mentioned keeping your giant J-frame loaded. Observing  the students working out of pockets for the first time or a dump pouch, it is a slow process.

A side saddle helps, but routine practice is still in order for smooth and speedy reloads.

Last note, the length of pull on most shotguns is perfect for original design, hunting and tracking moving game.

For self defense, a shorter length of pull is recommended. I chopped the original stock down on mine and added a limb saver.

Made a huge difference.

Gained the added benefit of making it easier to switch shoulders.

Fun class, unless you hunt or sport with shotguns, they sit for years, dressed up, ready to go and can't get a date.

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I recently attended a Shotgun class at Top Gun.  I found it very informative as it covered safety, capability and limitations of the shotgun in a defensive situation.  

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I agree and am also a self admitted training junkie. I have taken Fighting Shotgun at Tactical Response this past February and just took Mastering the Shotgun at Top Gun this past Monday and Tuesday. Love that hungry beast. 

My 870 actually "broke". The lug on the barrel that slips over the mag tube cracked/split. I noticed it in between drills this past Tuesday night in class. 

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