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Football is soon here!


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3 hours ago, A516 said:

Why is anyone surprised?  Classless UT fans as usual.

I can name off almost a dozen instances of other SEC as well as non-SEC crowds whom became obnoxious. GA fans got tear gassed one year when they beat Florida. Tear gassed at a football game!

UT fans tell story after story of having beer thrown or poured on them in Gainsville. Fulmer's wife & kids had to go get security one year when they became harassed beyond the normal. Even Vandy has been guilty of throwing things onto the field of play, resulting in fines to the school. It cost them a win against Florida one year when CM Newton was coach.

Yes, it was a classless act on the fans part. But UT is by no means alone in this behavior, nor can I recall them doing this in the past. Not sure how you arrive at "as usual" in your comment. 

I also note Pred fans got into a fight with Seattle fans last week in Nashville at a hockey game. Classless Pred fans "as usual" there too?

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1 hour ago, bobsguns said:

Yes, it was a classless act on the fans part. But UT is by no means alone in this behavior, nor can I recall them doing this in the past. Not sure how you arrive at "as usual" in your comment. 

Well said. I'm pretty critical of UT but I've seen this exact scenario happen at numerous other schools. I don't know why folks are acting like throwing stuff on the field is a new issue. Drunk kids are going to do stupid things.. 

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4 hours ago, A516 said:

The SEC is encouraged that UT will act better in the future.  Of course they are having to bring in the University of Texas (UT) to have a "UT" with class.

Yes, because nothing quite says "class" like having the school song being accused of being racist. As Yogi Berra once said, you can look it up.

I get you don't like UT, that's certainly not disguised. But to act like they're the only ones who have acted badly at a game is just ludicrous. But whatever.

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6 hours ago, Trekbike said:

I think you'll see more and more unruly bahavor at all sporting events since society in general is a much less polite and well behaved populous than in times past. 

Not been to a Little League game lately? Or a youth basketball game? Parents have been losing their minds at ballgames for decades now. Most leagues now have some sort of security at games, police or otherwise. 

I do believe they now allow beer sales at Neyland Stadium. Someone correct me if I'm wrong there. I would bet that gets suspended for a while.

For the kids, go look up youtube vids of Cleveland's Disco Demolition Night. There was also a riot at a NFL Bengals game. Sam Wyche, Bengals coach, had to get on the PA & ask people to quit throwing whiskey bottles onto the field. Ironically, Sam's brother (Bubba) played at UT. 

None of this behavior is new nor recent. Doesn't make it right nor acceptable, but it's no where near something new. 

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4 minutes ago, monkeylizard said:

No self-respecting Vanderbilt fan would ever be seen at a football game.

Not to mention the fact that, whatever it is that Vandy does on Saturdays in the fall, it hardly deserves to be called football ...

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5 minutes ago, Grunt67 said:

Buffalo Bill's come to Nashville tonite to take on the eventual ( sarcasm ), Super Bowl champs. Bill's are the best team in the NFL, right now. Titans,.....not so much.

Any thoughts?

My thoughts are (rhymes with 🦆) the NFL 

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