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Football is soon here!


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On 10/22/2021 at 7:30 PM, Sleep profit said:

聽My prediction is BAMA will win big this week 馃ゲ

Not exactly what *I* would call a "bold" prediction. LOL!聽

14 to 7, UT at the moment, end of the 1st Qtr. Maybe the power will go off in the stadium & that's how the game score will end? LOL!

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Eh, better than I thought it would be. Certainly better than the Pruitt era games, IMO. Bama just had more horsepower is all.聽

The Bama-GA game should be an interesting one, IMO.

Penn State got beat by a team with a LOSING record. I bet James Franklin was fit to be tied after that game.聽 聽馃槅

Vandy just got slaughtered, again. I feel for their seniors, living through a horrible team in a horrible season.

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1 minute ago, Grunt67 said:

Ala 28 pts in 4th qtr, to cover the spread. Strange, that.

I remember Bama scoring in the final seconds at a Vandy game years ago in order to cover the spread. I think Perkins was coaching then, I'm not sure. Even the Tennessean wrote about how transparent that was.聽

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8 hours ago, Grunt67 said:

I've seen several games over the years that didn't pass the sniff test. One of the many reasons I never bet on a sport.

I used to work with guys who bet heavily (IMO) on NFL games & every single one of them swore the games were fixed. The winless Jets beating the Titans this year would be a perfect example, IMO.

The NFL office is a perfect example of hypocrisy. They ban players from gambling yet they fine teams for not releasing an up-to-date list on their weekly injury report. Said report is what Vegas uses to set the line on upcoming games. I have no doubt the NFL has had a dozen or more Pete Rose's in the league but the NFL has covered it up. Oh, there's been a few who've leaked out: Alex Karras & Paul Horning in the 1960s.聽Art Schlichter was the more modern one when he played for the Colts in the 1980s (I think).聽

Much like our ####ty Govt, were the light of truth to shine brightly on pro sports, they'd probably lose 99% of their fan base, IMO. I know the NCAA is corrupt, just in different ways. They're more about power & MONEY.聽

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Titans won big today but Henry got only 86 yards against what was THE weakest team against the run. Still, the Titans won & that's what counts.

The Jets (who beat the Titans) just got steamrolled by the Pats. Had the Titans won that game, they'd have the best record in the NFL today.聽馃

Is there a team currently worse than the Texans? Even Miami isn't that bad. Jeez.

Bengals beat the Ravens in Baltimore, surprising me. The Bengals might be for real this year.

LSU fans are blowing up Twitter, wanting Lane Kiffen to be the next coach. Wonder what his buy-out is anyway? Be a lot easier to recruit at LSU than Ole Miss, that's for sure.聽

Wake Forrest is 7-0 for the first time since the 1940s, I think. Their stadium only holds 31,000. Good for them though.聽

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Titans defense made the Chiefs look bad today. Mahomes has lost his mojo and it looked like he got a concussion even though they said he passed 'the protocol'. Hopefully he is ok. Titans look to be for real when Henry isn't shut down. He limped off after one play. May explain the 86 yards. Still enough to check the "W" column.

Bengals over the Ravens was a surprise. Burrows & Mixon are good! Apparently the defense is solid, too, as they shut down Lamar Jackson & company.

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World's Largest Cocktail Party this Sat. GA vs Florida. I聽 think the Gators might hang for a half but GA will eventually roll. Too much talent for Florida, IMO.

Will there be 5,000 people in the stands for Vandy-Mizzu? Crappy weather, crappy teams = poor crowd, IMO.聽

UK-Miss State game should be entertaining. Lots of scoring there, I think.聽

Titans should manage to eek out a win over the Colts. Colts don't have much of a running game & Wentz isn't mobile at all. I bet he's sacked multiple times.聽

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9 hours ago, Hozzie said:

The colts have the 2nd best rusher in the league. 聽

Just saw this:

Offense:14th overall, 357.1 ypg (9th rushing, 24th passing).聽聽

Wouldn't they be higher with the 2nd best rusher in the league? Just looked it up, Taylor is in fact 2nd in the league. So why are the Colts only 9th in rushing? Mobile QB's? RB by committee on other teams? I'm confused.

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42 minutes ago, bobsguns said:

Just saw this:

Offense:14th overall, 357.1 ypg (9th rushing, 24th passing).聽聽

Wouldn't they be higher with the 2nd best rusher in the league? Just looked it up, Taylor is in fact 2nd in the league. So why are the Colts only 9th in rushing? Mobile QB's? RB by committee on other teams? I'm confused.

Could be many factors.聽 As you suggested, multiple rushers on other teams sharing the carries, including QB's, or maybe the Colts other rushers, particularly the QB(s), have negative yardage, thus affecting team totals ...

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Just watched the last few seconds of the Clemson/FSU game cause it was in the way of Auburn/Ole Miss.

That might have been the craziest end to a game I鈥檝e ever seen...or at least recall in a long time.

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Ole Miss lost their QB & then lost the game.聽

GA rolled over Florida, no surprise there.

MSU beating UK by two TD's, that's a surprise.聽

Vandy scored 28 points in a loss, how'd they manage that many?

MSU beats Michigan in an exciting game. Back & forth most of the game. That MSU RB is a stud! 5 TD's in one game!

Penn State vs Ohio State. I can't decide which team I hate more.聽聽馃槅

Iowa lost two in a row now & got rolled today. I knew they were overrated.

Bowl Green's coach got ejected. I can't remember the last time a football HC got ejected from a game. Anyone know? LOL!

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