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Football is soon here!


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10 minutes ago, Grunt67 said:

Trousdale Co now has the state record for most consecutive years making the playoffs. Quite an achievement.

There’s a Harper family down there that just breeds running backs. They’ve been handing the ball off to a Harper much longer than I’ve been alive.

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27 minutes ago, gregintenn said:

There’s a Harper family down there that just breeds running backs. They’ve been handing the ball off to a Harper much longer than I’ve been alive.

Yep, there's 2 playing now. A long line of 'em. Most of them better than average. We could us a few more next Fri nite.

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12 minutes ago, Grunt67 said:

Yes it is, + Trousdale is the smallest county in the state. Small school. All but about 2 players play both ways.

Really? I didn't know they were the smallest. I would've guessed someone else on that. 

Many other counties used to have powerhouse sports teams & then they added another school, split them up. Rutherford & Sumner are two perfect examples. I don't think Gallatin has been better than average since Station Camp came about. That's been 20 years now. Hendersonville suffered for a long time when Beech came along as well. This is where the smaller counties can maintain some continuity as well as keeping the community involved.

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For football, schools are classed according to enrollment : 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A. 1 being the smallest. TC is barely over the 2A mark, and may have to go back to 1A after the next classification, next year I believe.So, barring an absolute boom, we'll never need 2 schools.

Rutherford now has several. Oakland, Riverdale, Blackman, off the top of my head. Oakland leads the pack in 6A football, statewide at present.

TC has done very well over the years in football. State champs in 1922, 72, 90, 93, 97,98, 2005,2008,2009,2013. Not bad for a small school.

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Well, somehow UT skinned out a win in Lexington! Defense couldn't stop beans but managed a pick 6 in the second half & a big stop on four downs with less than a minute left. They also allowed a 1st down conversion on 3rd & 24. 

UK killed themselves with the 15 yard penalty on the coach too. They dominated time of possession but couldn't cover a WR if their life depended on it. That cost them a game they should've won. 

GA will kill UT next week, IMO. No one has scored 14 against GA all year. Dominate defense. 

As I predicted, LSU gave Bama all they wanted. Didn't watch any of it but the score was close & LSU led early. 

The end of the Tulsa-Cincinnati game was hugely entertaining. 4 shots from the 2-3 yard line for Tulsa & they fumbled it on 4th down, right at the goal line. Horrible play calling, IMO. 

Arkansas came back to beat Miss State, that surprised me. 

SC beat Florida like a step child. I don't think the freshman QB for Florida is all his press clippings make him to be. I wonder if Mullin is out at Florida at the end of the year? I wonder if his players quit on him in this game? I didn't see it but Florida has more talent than  SC, so something happened there. 

Titans signed Adrian Peterson this week. He appears to be in shape but not in "football shape". Hopefully he gives the Rams defense fits. LA is the real deal since Stafford got there, IMO. 

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1 hour ago, Sleep profit said:

Go VOLS  great game enjoyed it  next week. Will be a route Georgia wins big another bold prediction LOL then VOLS  win next two and  then some bowl game  outback possibly  a decent first year for new coach  👍

Wonder what Jeremy Pruitt thinks about the new coaching staff? LOL!

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1 hour ago, ShamGlock said:

My Irish are checking in at 8-1 now and likely to move up to 8th on Tuesday. Hoping for an 11-1 season with an invite to a NY6 game, but who knows. Depending on how the next few weeks go they may sneak themselves back into the playoffs!

Could happen,  but the way the season has been so far,  nobody's safe.

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they kind of let the Rams back in a little in the 3rd quarter, but still held them and played well in the 4th.

I’m glad they gave AP the chance to get the TD. For not knowing the protection schemes, not really practicing with the team, and not having played at all this year, he did not do that bad. I expect him to look at film and be better next week. 

penalties on the Rams part did help, but we still beat them more than they beat themselves. We dominated them in the first half. 

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6 hours ago, gregintenn said:

I’ve never seen the Titans play better.

I have.

They didn't run the ball even decently against the Rams but thankfully, it wasn't dependent on that. Being ahead 21-3 at the half takes a lot of pressure off. 

Hopefully we get both o-line starters back as their back-ups are sorely lacking in talent, IMO. In particular Lewan's replacement did an "ole`" block in the first half that should've went for some decent yardage. Instead the Ram OLB got a tackle for a loss. Every other position has quality back-ups except for the o-line, IMO. 

Defense DID play almost a perfect game though, I agree. Simmons reminded me of the old Haynesworth days. Just a monster last night.

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Haynesworth was a dirty player. Stomped on one of Dallas' linemen, pulled similar shenanigans with another team also, maybe Washington. He's no longer around. Simmons isn't that dirty, thankfully.

Titans D accounted for 1/2 of the scoring Sun.

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31 minutes ago, Grunt67 said:

Haynesworth was a dirty player. Stomped on one of Dallas' linemen, pulled similar shenanigans with another team also, maybe Washington. He's no longer around. Simmons isn't that dirty, thankfully.

No disagreement on any of that.

He's also dying of kidney disease from my understanding. Steroids will do a number on you.

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