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Want to raise your BP this morning? Read the COMMENTS to this gun-control opinion piece on the NYT

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The opinion piece itself is pretty predictable from Gail Collins, and at least she acknowledges that "gun safety" is a euphemism for "gun control".   But take a look at the comments! I could only get through a couple dozen before I had to stop or burst a vessel. We're up against it in places like New York City, folks.

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I was able to read it. I got through about 3-4  of the comments and knew exactly where that was going. I didn't bother to go on.  Basically, that is the attitude of most of the Northeast U.S. They have been preaching the "guns bad" dogma for a lot longer than most of the rest of this nation. Its been instilled in most of them since childhood. Right along with the liberal mindset. 

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As one whom has had multiple conversations with gun grabbers, y'all need to learn that they associate guns with crime, no questions asked. "If he only hadn't had a gun", they like to say. In their twisted "logic", they believe a firearm magically changes a honor student Boy Scout into a mass murderer somehow. Doesn't matter the individual, as long as he/she owns a firearm they're a future school or mall shooter in their minds.

Of all the ones I've asked whom were gun grabbers, none had a grand-dad or dad or uncle take them shooting with a .22 as a kid. In short, they never got to experience the wonderful side of learning to shoot as a kid. As a result, guns remained a mystery unless the media has "educated" them on how horrible and evil guns are. All those "news" shows whom have been shown to be blatantly lying about their segments after they aired, the gun grabbers believe whole heartedly. Movies with planes being shot down with a single shot from a snub nose also plays into their phobia. 

I've also had multiple gun grabbers tell me how they "couldn't control their emotions, they'd end up shooting someone if they owned a gun". Therefor if THEY can't control their emotions, by extension, WE can't control ours either. Therefor guns need to be banned. Of course they always bring up the old lie about "owning a gun means you're 43 times more likely to be shot with your own gun" bull manure. This has been debunked repeatedly, but they keep using it as if it's accurate. 

And they always bring up the "why do you need a machine gun to deer hunt?" horse manure. I loved pointing out the aftermath of Katrina, where the cops walked off their jobs to go take care of their own families, leaving the public to fend for themselves. They were always speechless when I asked them which one of their siblings or grown kids they would be ok with being murdered since they couldn't defend themselves? Or how many women is it ok to be raped since men are larger & stronger than women? They never reply to any of those.

Last summer's riots all across the US has also spurred many of them to buy their first gun. I worked a gun shop last year from Mar to Oct. I can't can't the number of people who told me they were buying their first gun because they were scared the cops would be off sick with the china flu. Sadly, I doubt if a single one voted for anyone other than another gun grabbing politician. 

There is a long, long, list of politicians & celebrities who decry firearms ownership but run around with armed security. One in particular, Samantha Bee of the TBS show, led a protest of bringing inner city kids to her neighborhood school. On her show she trashes everything conservative without let-up. Hypocrite first class. 

Former columnist Carl Rowan, Sr was famous for never failing to love a gun ban. Then he shot a "teen" who scared him when he came home one night & a bunch of "teens" were partying in his backyard pool. Nor was Rowan ever charged with an illegal gun, as he failed to have a DC license to own. Hypocrite.

Almost without fail, a gun grabber will mention the words "I feel" during their anti-gun rant. It's never the words "logic", "reason" or something similar. It's always about the "feelz" with them.

I also enjoy asking them if they have a sign in their yard saying "Home owner owns no firearms"? They always say no to that & I tell them they lack the courage of their convictions. They never answer to that.

Ask a gun grabber if you can take them to the projects one night, drop them off & meet them 2-3 miles away. See what they say to that.   🤨

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On 9/16/2021 at 7:36 AM, Darrell said:

We're up against it in places like New York City, folks.

Full confession:  I didn't read either the article nor the comments, but this is not news.  I can't imagine this raising anybody's BP, unless they have been hiding under a rock for years ...

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