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Bear Creek Arenal .350 Legend upper, a review.

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Do not waste your money with these idiots. I bought a .350 Legend upper from these comedians & after cleaning off all the shipping oil, stripping, cleaning & lubricating the bolt & bcg correctly, it literally would not feed a single round. Everyone I spoke to told me to use NOTHING but a CMMG mag & that's exactly what I have. After 4 days of no returned emails, I decided to pull it down & figure out what was going on. First off, the muzzle break wasn't correctly indexed (literally 60° off center) & was barely hand tight. The gas block was only held in place by 1 of the 2 set screws. The barrel nut itself was tight, but incorrectly torqued. That was the least of it....

The feed ramp was a mess of machining marks. The chamber mouth was rough & not at all finished & I have no idea what was used to ream the chamber, but it honestly looked like an un-lubricated 1/2" drill bit. I had to lap & polish EVERYTHING. I miked the chamber, after 3hrs of polishing & it's still within spec, but only just. That's how deep the scoring was..... After hours of polishing, it's now feeding as it should, although I've yet to shoot it. 

Bottom line, I tried to contact BCA to see about a return for inspection but they simply haven't responded to a single email. I will never, ever do business with these clowns again. Their assembly QC, on this upper, was literally non existent. 

As far as AR parts go, they are a complete ####-show.

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I bought a 7.62x39 upper from them last year,because I couldn't find one anywhere else.
Nor parts to build one.

It took me a bit to figure out they had put a 556 firing pin in it.
I had to replace that to eliminate FTF's.
Using Federal Fusion ammo, it'll put 5 shots into one ragged hole at 36 yards.
Don't get too excited, that hole is kinda large. 🙃
Different story with combloc steel case.
I don't remember ever having 2 holes touching while using whatever I have thrown in that ammo can. Tul, Wolf, Brown Bear. A 7.62x39 soup of whatever.

Installed an adjustable gas block which turned out to be a waste of $.
The gas port was small enough that I have to run the AGB wide open for it to cycle.
I expected it to be way to large.

Overall, I'm satisfied with it.
Installed an Eotech HS and use it for deer hunting.
Got one on the first trip out with it at about 35 yards.


Hope you get yours straightened out Rob.

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The varying reports are indicative of the issues one finds with budget line manufacturers like BCA. Wildly inconsistent QC and poor customer service. 

Sometimes you get everyone doing their job right and turning out a great product, and sometimes you get Friday afternoon garbage. 

Sorry you got the latter, Rob. 


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My only problem has been on the 450 Bushmasters their gas ports are way undersized. My 7.62x39, 308, and 6.5 Creedmoors all ran as intended. 

Ugly they are, work they do. 

Then again, im not quite the perfectionalist as Rob is. 

Cheaper is Cheaper. 

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