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Daves Custom Glocks Galloway TN


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I have decided to purchase my first Glock, have never owned one before. I EDC a S & W Shield, but thinking the 43x looks like and interesting option. Just wondering what Daves Custom Glocks offers above the stock level pistols. Thinking about getting a nice one for my first. Any info on Daves or the 43x is appreciated.


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On 9/24/2021 at 6:57 PM, Cevans said:

Since I'm not a Glock person, I really won't know what I'm looking at

Then please allow me.....................   😉

By & large, there's only a few areas the "custom" Glocks can be significantly changed, IMO.

1) Slide lightening cuts. Highly noticeable due to the sections being cut out of the slide. This (supposedly) speeds up the slide speed, making for a wee bit faster time between shots. 

2) Barrel replacement. Often a "match grade" barrel but sometimes just a "normal" barrel that allows lead bullets to be used. (Both Glock & H&K use rifling that does NOT like lead bullets.)

3) Better trigger. A Glock's trigger feel is what's always turned me off from a Glock. I've dry fired all sorts of "improved" Glock triggers in my day & none of them floated my boat. Obviously a trigger feel is subjective to an individual's preference & taste(s).

Now some "custom" Glocks do things like stippling a frame grip, shave off some of the frame below the trigger guard & so forth. Some add a mag well. 

For me, custom work on a Glock should do at least one thing, preferably two: make it more accurate & improve the trigger. Everything else is going to be cosmetic or just adding shiny objects. 

Aside from 43X model you mention specifically, *I* would instead look at some of the newer makers of striker fired guns. Canik, Zev, Arsenal, Shadow Systems are all brands that seem to be better designed & better built than a Glock. Again, it has to be sized the same for comparison & none of them make a 43X-style pistol. But it may give you some sort of baseline to compare someone's "custom" work with, IMO.

My .o2

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22 hours ago, Cevans said:

Thanks for the ideas, kinda what I thought. I am looking at shadow systems and already own two caniks. But, you know how it is, I gotta have something else just because I don't have one.

I'm teetering on the edge of posting my Shadow Systems MR920 in the Trading Post.

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Don't know Dave's and don't even know where Galloway is, but I agree with bobsguns that mods on a Glock beyond the trigger and accuracy are more window dressing than anything else, particularly on a gun that's already customized. I would add that an extended slide release is a very good mod on many of their models though, and possibly some minor grip modifications, depending on your taste.

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Modifications depend what you want to do with it. My glocks are every day carry/service intended. The only mods they get are night sights, extended slide lock, rounded plunger, lighter plunger spring, and a Ghost Edge 3.5 connector. 

Some competition guys will lighten the slides, extended match barrels, mag wells, and opt for lighter trigger springs as well as trigger pads or straight triggers. These are fine for range and competition but are way too light for tactical intentions. 

Think what you want to do with your glock and set it up how you wish to match that.

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