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Another stock project

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About the time I get done with one I swear to myself that I'll never do another.  Yet a short time later I come across a rifle or shotgun that begs for my love and I can't help myself.  Just stripped this one down today.  Had an ugly reddish varnish that didn't show the natural grain of the wood.  The picture is just water on the wood after I washed the stripper off.  That grain is amazing.  Thinking it's just going to get a good sanding and about 30 coats of TruOil. 1011211943.thumb.jpg.001064eab46442ab6125d2e2104ee5d4.jpg

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9 hours ago, gregintenn said:

That sterling silver shield on the underside of the stock tells me this isn’t a WalMart blue light special.

Whatcha workin on there?

Nothing impressive.  Looks more aluminum than silver, (just like the receiver 😁).  It's just an old Ted Williams Model 34.  Hope it will be a good shooter.  Here's a before pic. Excuse the disaster of a workbench. 


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Wish I had taken better pictures of the prep process, but I didn't because I've done it so many times it's not really fascinating.  I did it a little different this time though.  Sanded what I could with 80 grit, then used a citrus stripper.  After that I washed it with Dawn, then slathered another heavy coat of Dawn on and let it sit over night.  This morning I rinsed it off, then let it sit in hot water, changing the water out every hour of so until there were no suds or color from the old stain in the water.  The Dawn did a really good job lifting out the oil stains around the receiver.   After cleaning it up, I found a hairline crack in the wrist of the stock.  To my knowledge there isn't a lot that can be done to that other than reinforcing, so I cleaned the area really well and put Gorilla Glue in it and worked it into the crack with a straight pin.  It should expand into the crack as it dries.  Currently everything is sanded to 150 and the glue is drying.  I'll go a final sanding at 300 grit.  Wipe down with mineral spirits, and start the Tru Oil process. 

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Great project. The bulk of those guns were JC Higgins guns made by High Standard. The butt shield is a dead give away for the HS brand. Those 22's were actually a really good design. The cartridge guide blocks were solid steel halves with a snappy working cartridge lifter/carrier. This High Standard gun was at the top of its 22 auto game in its day unlike the jam-o-matic Steven/Savage 187 series autos. The only flaw in this design is the fact you can't see the the follower threw the open action to see if your empty. If the tube gets dirty or it has a weak spring in it, working the action several times may produce a "ghost" round into the chamber! All ways pull the inner tube out and work the action to insure its unloaded if your inner tube feels a little weak. Good luck with it. I'v had one for 44 years.

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