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Here they're predicting 4 maybe 6". Experience has taught it'll either be nothing or a foot. 🙄

Either way, I don't care. I'm well stocked and have no need to go anywhere. 

I just love looking at the snow. From inside my nice warm house. 😉

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1 hour ago, Grayfox54 said:

Here they're predicting 4 maybe 6". Experience has taught it'll either be nothing or a foot. 🙄

Either way, I don't care. I'm well stocked and have no need to go anywhere. 

I just love looking at the snow. From inside my nice warm house. 😉

We keep a good amount of food on hand, so I wasn't worried anyway. But I have a thing for fresh milk, and I have a favorite one...Kroger. Yeah go ahead and laugh. But I like it, and it seems to stay fresh tasting longer than others in the area. So I've made two trips out this week to add to the supply cache. I can safely say we've enough fresh fruit and veggie, some Boar's Head meats, and bread and bagels for a month! Did a Sam's run, the a Kroger the next day.

I've been scolded heavily for this. For those who know, I've supposedly been restricted from all activity this past week because of a couple of falls. Bust my butt and got bruises to prove it. lol. Wanna see? Well you can't! It's a very tender area. Every time I move my shoulder it screams at me. And tweaked the back again. Don't think I'll ever get "normal" again.

Actually I do 90%+ of our shopping anyway; but wife was really having neuropathy pains in her feet and could barely walk around the house.

So went, Got canned staples and other items just to add to the larder.

Yes, I paid for it. My right shoulder and low back have been screaming since. But hey...that's my job. I try my damnedest to not allow her to do anything that hurts her. Now if I would just do that for myself.

Anyway 'fox...I'm not moving for a few days. Let it snow! Got a picture window to look out and heating pad/ice packs to sit on. I'm set! 

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Went to Wally World in Cleveland today. Had to return an item & needed milk & bread anyway.

Much like else where, I saw LOTS of empty spaces all over the grocery section(s). Lots of produce missing too. Thankfully, all of my needs got met but I bet some folks with diet needs were going to be SOL.

I didn't see anyone complaining to Wally employees, I hope that's the norm for those poor folks working there. 

I noticed Wally employees "guarding" both door entrances for shop lifters. I don't know why, they can't stop them or anything.

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7 minutes ago, gregintenn said:

We’ve got rain. It’s just cold enough here to encapsulate everything in ice. I look for the electricity to go out most any time now.

No electric would suck for me. I don't have wood heat of any sort. Hope you dodge that one.

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Drizzle and rain here in West Knoxville.

I just got back from Point Blank and the threat of weather sure isn't stopping folks from going shooting. Glad to see folks doing so actually.

I have 2 Big Buddy propane heaters and plenty of fuel, ran the generator last week and have plenty of gas. Looks like I'll mostly need an umbrella...


You guys are some good cooks! Making me hungry looking at those pics! 🙂

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52 minutes ago, peejman said:

Big sloppy flakes coming down on and off here in murvul.  Its not sticking to anything yet, but it might start to pile up. 

Here too.  Temp is 34, so I don't see it sticking to the roads or ground. 

I'm sure things are exciting on the mountain secondary roads.

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