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SAR 9 Anyone Bought one?


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Has anyone bought one of the SAR 9 pistols? This is another Turkish made pistol and I have been curious about them. With my satisfaction withe the Canik line, I decided to order one last week from PSA. Actually, after reading the reviews, I got 2. LOL

Why? Well number one was the aforementioned Canik love, and two was the reviews, followed closely by the price.

With all the taxes and tics, it works out to a solid 300 each. Just a bit less than total the per item cost of the PSA Dagger.

Ok, since the thread title is on the SAR 9, let's start there. First impression is that it's a big pistol. Almost exactly the size of the HK VP 9. Height and width are virtually the same, with the SAR having almost a 1/4 inch longer barrel. The SAR looks a bit like the VP9 as well I think. In fact that's what first brought it to my attention. It feels very good in my hand, maybe not quite the intuitative grasp as the VP when first handling, but very similar. Like the HK, it has the finger-groove style grip(which I like), and surprisingly to me, not enough texture to make it "grippy." I think this one might do better with some grip tape. Has a pretty deep undercut on the trigger guard, which is pretty squarish, with horizontal cuts in the front of the guard. And has a 3 position rail.

The trigger is like almost all these days, with a built in safety that feels rather good to me. It's relatively flat, both the trigger and the safety, without a huge curve to it. Does have a bit of a long pull, a good quarter inch before it hits the "wall," then almost as much before it breaks. A little stiff, but not real hard. Reset is audible, and sets at just about the same point it breaks to fire( of course) but nice overall. No trigger guage, but I'm guessing about 4/5 pounds, but doesn't feel heavy to me. 

I said it's a big gun...27.8 oz. No G19, that's for sure. I look forward to taking it out and doing a little comparison with the Dagger and the VP9. Ought to be interesting.

It comes with 2 17 round mags. AS opposed to my VP which as 15 rounders. With the exception of the paddle release of the VP9, the controls feel similar to me. The SAR has a small, ambidexterous frame mounted safety that can be converted to a decocker, and a tiny, Glock-like slide release. You definitely will want to "slingshot" the slide. Has the curently in favor combat style sight, with three large white dots, with the rear being drift adjustable. Pretty decent front and rear serrations. No slide cuts of course, as this is pretty much a base model. Strange though, since currently almost every Canik is optic ready.

We shall see how it performs. I'm expecting it to be good, but it is an enty level pistol for SARSILMAZ, so nothing fancy. What would you expect for the price? So far, I'm very happy with the purchase.

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Excellent write up I don’t have one but have looked  at and read about the SAR  K 12 sport  had one in hand at show  kind of regreted not getting it look forward to your thoughts   Saw you had a Walther PDP in 9. I want one in 45 when it come out. Glad to hear you like Walther I have the pps version and like it  have a great day 

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Yes, I would like to try the K12, but the price was a bit high. Should have jumped on it when first released. I think it was right around the 600 mark, possibly less.

PDP 9 is great! As is the PPQ. Had a PPQ in 45, but found it too harsh for me. Recoil was pretty bad. Had both generations of the PPS. Same as the 45, just didn't like them.

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1 minute ago, Sleep profit said:

Good morning.  Glad you like PDP  I am going to look for one at next gun show in Knoxville RK show last of January I have heard positive thing’s from everyone I have spoken to  I like may PPS but my be time to trade up  

I find it hard to not like the Walther line! I was hooked after my first session with the PPQ.

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5 hours ago, Capbyrd said:

We used a few of them as rentals for classes.   They functioned fine in permit classes and I never heard any instructor having an issue.  I think they are likely decent but the safety has kept me from purchasing. 

What would your issue with the safety be?

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6 hours ago, hipower said:

What would your issue with the safety be?

Personal preference only, we are past thumb safeties.  None of my other pistols have one (with few exceptions) and I don’t see a need for any modern striker fired pistol to have one.  But again, personal preference only. 

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58 minutes ago, hipower said:

We do agree on that point. I would prefer it not to have the thumb safety, so will likely convert it to the decocker function...or maybe not. lol

Sar makes one without a thumb safety, I just don’t think anyone has imported it yet.  

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On 7/24/2022 at 1:35 PM, billyblazes said:

Hipower, as you try out various 9mm handguns I'd be curious of your feedback when you get around to trying the IWI Masada.  I'd like to know the pros/cons compared to all the other similarly priced competitors you have experience with.

I would be happy to offer my opinions, but sadly have not acquired a Masada. I had it on a wandt/need list, but just never bought one.

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On 7/24/2022 at 5:53 PM, Quavodus said:

Mine came with 2 17 rd. mags. Does anybody know of good mags with 17 or more rd. capacity?

I bought extra mags when I purchased the pistol. Same 17 rounders. Past that, I think it just gets too heavy for my taste. You might try Greg Cote Supply. A small outfit, be he has been know to get some hard to find magazines.

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I just so happened to catch a gun sub I follow and see the 17 rd SAR are buy one get one I believe until midnight EST tomorrow. Will PM you both if you see it. 


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