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My Recent Iteration of the Glock 19

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Let me just say that I swap this slide onto my G45 as well, whenever I want 17-rds and a slightly larger grip.  I mostly carry this as it looks here, though, since my G45 is also milled for an optic but includes a comp and larger light.  This Gen5 Glock 19 is definitely more of an EDC for me and has been through three different slide/optics configurations since I've owned it.







(^^ This is an older pic with a Night Fision rear sight. I didn't like it, so I swapped that out for a 10-8 Performance rear sight)




What you're looking at is a setup that has worked very well for me.  Specifics are:

  • Gen 5 Glock Frame with mostly stock internals.
  • Zev Pro Trigger with Zev "Minus" Connector.  Curved trigger shoe version.
  • Agency Arms Syndicate S2 Slide with Agency Optics System (AOS).
  • Holosun HE509T-X2-GR Green Dot optic on AOS plate.  Traditional "irons-behind" plate version.
  • Night Fusion front sight with green outline Tritium dot.
  • 10-8 Performance rear sight with solid-black configuration.
  • Glock OEM Gen5 "Marksman" barrel.
  • Streamlight TLR7A weapon light.
  • LAS Concealment Saya 2.0 holster.


Why this setup?   

The key component in this setup for me is the slide because of the Agency Optics System.  For years now I have run slides cut specifically for the Triicon RMR footprint.  But as other players, like Holosun, have entered the game and gotten to be really good at it, I have wanted an optics mounting system that was manufacturer-agnostic.  The AOS setup fits that bill for me and is really strong and very proven under some abusive conditions thanks to folks like Aaron Cowan at Sage Dynamics.


How does it perform?

Really well.  I've become a serious fan of the Holosun 509T because of its rugged design, reputation for reliability (again, Sage Dynamics) and fully enclosed emitter design.

This is my first green dot version, though, and I have not yet decided if it is all that more advantageous than a red dot.  I have two other 509Ts, both red dots, on other guns and I run them just fine.  The green dot is supposedly faster to acquire visually, but I honestly cannot tell much of a difference.  It may just be me, though.

The gun itself performs as you'd expect.  It is a Glock.  The Marksman barrel is quite nice.  The gun is capable of more accuracy than I am.  Occasionally the planets align, I do my part somewhat perfectly, and it feels like we're both in the groove.  Those are good times.  🙂 


ZOMG, your serial number is visible!

Meh.  I'm not that paranoid.  The government knows I have some guns and I run a big-ass gun forum.  I'm already on their list.  🙂


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30 minutes ago, KahrMan said:

I like that slide.  The texture on the slide looks like there are no sharp edges and would be slick,  How does it feel when racking the slide?

It's actually very grippy.  The texture almost feels like a carpenter's rasp.  Lots of bite.

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1 hour ago, ShamGlock said:

Love that slide. Not fully on board with red dots yet, but I'm trying to be!

It's worth the effort and expense to switch to one.  The learning curve isn't near as bad as most folks assume that it will be.  🙂


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How do you like the Holosun optic?  I had a Gen 1 Trijicon RMR 06 on a Glock 19 that i never really liked because of the smaller window.  I have been looking into Holosun and the Trijicon SRO and also the Deltapoint sight.  Hard to make a decision!


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