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I'm finishing up spring cleaning and have some items that I don't us anymore. I'm posting these items here first for about a week then ill be putting what I can on eBay and other websites. I work in Lebanon and live in Portland. I will ship but it will be on the buyer's dime. All prices are negation able. 

  1. Trijcon Mro with Midwest industries mount asking $300. 20220626_143552.thumb.jpg.a70cb75edc2093a0116e0467517b14a8.jpg20220626_143129.thumb.jpg.46d2ab753e9ce10073f7ea9e113083b9.jpg20220626_143140.thumb.jpg.9efafe589d09b4dcba5cb3194e9e82e9.jpg
  2. Bcm grip for Ar 15 asking $10 20220626_143643.thumb.jpg.ce6e0cdb7157fe286ee03f574dbbee0a.jpg20220626_143650.thumb.jpg.50a987ba09bdd432ac67b85f3f8c21ee.jpg
  3. Pocket pro shot timer. Asking sold pending meet. 20220626_143845.thumb.jpg.f59f96c09fe6e60c43c07cb807ed8a60.jpg20220626_144159.thumb.jpg.1e7780655033a3e8a8f31d6880aa9b24.jpg
  4. Magpul moe grip for Ar 15 asking sold. 20220626_144218.thumb.jpg.5fb021e9cdc12265362b61eec5ce6c26.jpg
  5. Tenicor glock 34 velo holster asking $80. 20220626_144252.thumb.jpg.5aedc14f2b8bda0e242f3a68d16330a7.jpg20220626_144256.thumb.jpg.b8f58bdb85a0ca5b33992ff48c11e627.jpg
  6. Raptor charging handle for AR 10 asking $ 80 brand new. 20220626_144306.thumb.jpg.cf398ea5b75459c17528e47eba36b012.jpg20220626_144310.thumb.jpg.2a7373135da58d898a037fc4e251b9ea.jpg
  7. Giessele rapid fire trigger. SPF20220626_144538.thumb.jpg.eaf89c954abd3fedac83cce2a48ac59b.jpg
  8. Slr glock magwell for gen 5 glock asking $80. 20220626_144759.thumb.jpg.ce751f754496390ef24f9120812edb59.jpg20220626_144808.thumb.jpg.09a2de382352c4f75ac0b7f53edf1b0e.jpg
  9. Taran tactical gen 5 glock 19 magwell asking $80. 20220626_144814.thumb.jpg.09bf13467fcc7077204b90ac87749d14.jpg20220626_144821.thumb.jpg.f8f2f3940cee7b9a536f894dadb9c163.jpg
  10. Magpul glock Gen 4 G17 magwell asking $15.20220626_144831.thumb.jpg.716289a54f99bcf862619ff3f86b158b.jpg20220626_144834.thumb.jpg.48594ded3586191715a6ea11e4e1850a.jpg
  11. Taccom captured buffer spring system for AR9. Asking $9020220626_144935.thumb.jpg.5008128abfc218b2119c93d603f261db.jpg20220626_144956.thumb.jpg.7c332db899e73cb9fef9e5919b9df67c.jpg
  12. Xs big dot sights DXT asking sold.20220626_145033.thumb.jpg.5834096e96709b20e0a620e29a801554.jpg
  13. Double Aphla case feeder 9mm size for Dillion xl 650 and 750 asking $80. Also comes with a extra tube and top collator. 20220626_143113.thumb.jpg.4388db5d7415032317f11b3ee596a03d.jpg


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  • Be very wary of people who contact you privately to offer an item for sale.  Every single time someone has been scammed via a Want To Buy ad on TGO, the scammer has done it privately.  Force them out into the open so that the other members and moderators can help make sure they pass the sniff test.
  • Use the Buyer/Seller Feedback feature to research who you are dealing with.  Negative feedback should inspire caution.  Come back and leave feedback for each other after the transaction is complete.  Your experience will help others.
  • NEVER, EVER agree to use an electronic form of payment to buy or sell a gun!!  None of them, that we are aware of, will protect you against fraud in a firearms transaction.  They all have terms of service FORBIDDING the use of their services to buy/sell guns.  DON'T DO IT.


The complete Trading Post Rules and also some more helpful suggestions can be found by clicking this link.  Everyone should read them at least once!


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