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T-Rex 22


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Well that got you to look聽 馃槣聽 This is about the Taurus TX 22聽 Comp (T-reX 22)

Am by no means a Taurus thumper, but they seem to be making some good semi-auto's lately.

My first handgun was a new Ruger Mark 1 bull barrel, late 60's.聽 Shot the heck out of it but never loved the trigger or grip angle.聽 Also, had S&W K-22, Hi-Standard, Buckmark, gosh knows what else through the years. 聽 About a year ago a S&W Victory became mine, good gun.聽 For years was a centerfire snob, considering .22's below my handgun FUN standards.聽 The S&W Victory gave me some love back for that caliber.聽 The cost of reloading supplies and factory ammo also played a big part.

A few weeks ago I picked up a TAURUS TX22 from LGS.聽 Mine is the competetion version but does not have a compensator.聽 Promptly put a Vortex Venom red dot on it.聽 Had some ammo problems first time out, but it soon became apparent that this little .22 was a real smooth and reliable shooter.聽 It is quite accurate and seems to readily digest Rem and Fed ammo.聽 The trigger works quite well for steel targets.聽 I prefer the Victory for slow fire bullseye, mostly due to the heavier weight and crisper trigger.聽 Am probably going to upgrade the trigger shortly to eliminate the long take-up on the Taurus.

Went out today to shoot a hundred or so rounds at the action-pistol range.聽 230 rounds later I had to make myself get back into my car and drive away.聽 Am not saving money if shooting that much ammo so quickly.聽 This little gun is totally addictive.聽 Just keep wanting me to put another mag in and ring some more steel.

Taurus revolvers have been hit and miss in my experience.聽 Twenty or so years ago had a model 85 and loved it as a edc.聽 Have read stories of the newer revolvers locking up or not firing, so never did try another one for carry.聽 (Please don't post how good yours has been.聽 Am just saying that was my impression)

Decided to try the G3c awhile ago as Bud's had them at a affordable price.聽 I love that gun as it fits my hand so well.聽 Conceals ok and shoots quite well (re-did sights).聽 It is not my edc as I generally prefer my S&W Bodyguard .38 or Hellcat for conceal-ability.

Taurus is really stepping up its game lately...IMO

Would definitely buy this again.聽 Might start shooting steel challenge with it.

My T-Rex 22 is made in GA too.

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I have a 627 Tracker .357 that is my hiking companion.聽 Really a nice soft shooting revolver.聽 I've had 2 of the G2C and liked them both.聽 My last Taurus purchase is the TX-22.聽 And it's a blast to shoot.聽 I never shoot my Ruger MkII Target model anymore.聽 I think Taurus has stepped up their game!

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I've heard a lot of good things about the TX22, wouldn't mind picking one up sometime. I do have an 856 which is a solid snub that although I wouldn't CC it, it certainly makes for a solid "leave at the cabin" backup.

Would also like to see a 942 in 22mag with the 3in barrel or the Tracker 992.

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Biggest complaint with the TX22 was not being zeroed out of the box, and having a HELL of a time getting it adjusted. You also need an ungodly small screwdriver to adjust the rear sight. I ended up loosening the thing up all the way and eyeballing it back down before getting a zero target and making smaller adjustments.

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15 hours ago, Fencersms said:

Biggest complaint with the TX22 was not being zeroed out of the box, and having a HELL of a time getting it adjusted. You also need an ungodly small screwdriver to adjust the rear sight. I ended up loosening the thing up all the way and eyeballing it back down before getting a zero target and making smaller adjustments.

Yeah the iron sights are funky. Mine is red dot 馃敶 so no problems. If you want to shoot irons the Victory is better, imo聽

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Have found one problem and it has to do with a proper owb holster for competition.

Because of the red dot being so far forward on this model it will be hard to get a holster with any kind of grip on the frame.

There is one mfr, forgedttech, with a kydex model I will try.聽

Doubt that anything will hold it tight enough for any kind of carry.聽 Not that it is meant for that anyway.聽

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I've had a tainted opinion of Taurus for a good amount of time.聽 I've never discounted the brand completely, but I came to the conclusion that of 2 guns coming off of the same line, one may be great and they other junk.聽 聽I was also gifted a Taurus Judge.聽 Well, it ain't no S&W, and being gifted one, is about the only way I would own one.聽 Certainly not a purchase I would make on my own.聽 After several people telling me they liked the TX22, I picked one up.聽 I have a small range in the back yard and spend a good amount of time plinking with .22s.聽 I was impressed with it out of the box and it was consistently getting chosen over my other pistols for range time.聽 I decided to put a reflex sight on it in hopes that my wife and daughter might like it and shoot with me more 馃槈.聽 Well, that made it even more fun.聽 So I have less than $400, in this one and it's by far one of my favorites.聽 If you are on the fence, go get one of these!


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Picked up a TX 22 standard model years ago at a gun show for 160.00 聽I was expecting lots of problems 聽but I took a chance and went to range 聽and was surprised how well it shot 聽only a few issues mine likes CCI. Or Blazer ammo to run smoothly. Painted front sight with orange model paint so I can pick it up easily also I learned the slide is aluminum and the guide rod is steel and the rough edge would rub on the slide so I had it smoothed down. 聽great little gun 聽I would love to get a T. REX聽

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another vote for the TX22 Comp. The gun world seems to be all on the same page that Taurus is a bit of a gamble in terms of quality, however everyone seems to be aligned that there is one exception to that rule and it is the TX-22.聽 Put a Holosun 507 and my rugged oculus on it and it is a blast to rip through mags.

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