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Two fires


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7 minutes ago, Jeb48 said:

My solution wasn't cheap but so far it looks like it has cut my total electric bill by 20% or more. I had a heat pump with LP backup furnace that was 15+ years old. I have a friend out of the area that is in the HVAC business and I asked him how much longer I could expect it to last and he said somewhere between a month and 10 years. He also said if I had the money I should do it before it fails because the newer more energy efficient models sometimes took a month or more to get in and if I had to replace a failed unit I would buy what was in stock.

Since I had the money I started looking around and learning what I wanted. My first reason to replace was to have something new that would not have an unfixable problem for a long time. My second goal was a quieter unit both outside and the blower. Third was energy efficiency. I only have 2 full months with the new union but it looks like all 3 of my goals have been met. My guess is the heating and cooling part of my electric bill has been cut in half but I still have the rest of the electrical usage. I believe my LP usage will drop significantly also since the new heat pump works down to 25 degrees and still use less electricity that the equivalent LP.

Our previous house was built to heat with wood and I had IR electric and LP hot water backup. When prices got high or the bank account low I just burned more wood. For 30 years I heated almost 100% with wood, dropped back to about 25% as I got lazy. I do miss a good wood stove to sit by on cold nights.

What brand did you decide on 

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We got a bill today that reflected the cost of defective water heater. Definitely see a difference. Just one bill though. It was $340. The weather was nice that 30 days. I've replaced the incandescent can lights with LEDs in the part of the house I plan on putting insulation in. I did not want to build boxes around the old lights. I have enough insulation to do 1300 square feet sitting in the living room. It's going in tomorrow. 

Did an experiment with downstairs wood stove. I basically left the door open. This is something I can't do with my youngest Daughter home. I kept the stove at 550°. After an hour I had to close the door halfway. 8 hours and the heater never came on. Probably going to get a vented door or a vent with a fan above the door. The fan motor is about 20 watts. I can't run the stove every day, but 3 days a week would be easy. 

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On 11/19/2022 at 7:11 PM, Sleep profit said:

What brand did you decide on 

 My HVAC friend said as long as I stayed with one of the top 4 or 5 companies I would be happy. Most of the companies have several brands.

I bought the complete Carrier 3 ton 18 SEER Infinity Series with furnace. It works as a system with a high tech thermostat that controls everything. 5 Speed heat pump so it only goes as hard as it needs and a variable speed air handler blower that you normally don't even hear running unless it is very hot or very cold. The outdoor unit in a lot quieter than my old 13 SEER one stage unit, on the lower speeds it is about as noise as a 20" box fan, even on the highest stage you can have a conversation while standing next to it.

They make an even more efficient unit but for the TN climate, my research didn't look like it would save enough to have a pay back. I asked the salesman and he said the only reason to buy the highest efficient was bragging rights to my friends.

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