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CANIK TP9SFx opinions


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Ok fellers! Last weekend at the range, I noticed a guy shooting a white pistol. Being the nosey guy I am, I went over to take a look and chat. It was a Canik tp9sfx signature series. It was both ugly and beautiful. It fit my hand perfect. He allowed me to shoot it. I then realized it was stupid accurate. It made me look like I knew what I was doing. After I left the range I started researching the company Canik and the pistol model. Of course I needed one now! I then learned what I learned and wanted to get others opinions on Canik, the model, reliability, etc. The model is a bit large for EDC but as a nightstand gun with 20rnd available, accurate, the FDE color is beautiful, the very competitive price on these just has me pondering. So tell me what you know, like, dislike, wish was different. Thank you for your help fellers!!

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Ah, the Canik-lol. Got the SFX Blackout model in a trade last year. Had it a few weeks, then finally took it out in the back to shoot it. Probably the best shooting gun I ever had. Like you said, made me look like I know what I'm doing-lol. One big ragged hole. Ended up trading it again, but recently picked up another with a Swamp Fox red dot. This one's a shooter also.

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Well...I'm on record here with my opinion of Canik and all the models therein. LOL.

Been a big fan since I first bought one for sub 250 from a little distriutor just because of the price. 

As has been said, Great pistols. Fantastic triggers. Extremely easy to shoot and look good doing it.

In the last 16-18 monts, more and more people are discovering the Canik and its quality. That's why the prices have been steadily rising.

Try finding one of the early models...the T100 series. Sellers couldn't give them away. l missed out on those, but got in on the origional TP9. It shoots as well as the latest models.

Few people will ever regret buying a Canik pistol, I haven't Won't tell you how many I have now. It's embarassing.

Just buy it and love it. "Nuff said.

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6 hours ago, Sleep profit said:

I have the rival model. I like it no problems thus far have owned several others was initially surprised about their quality  would recommend now 

I want a Rival. But will have to wait on one. It's supposed to be superior to other models. What do you think? 

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10 hours ago, FrankD said:

I had one and sold it to fund another purchase a few years back. It was a splendid shooter and probably the best factory pistol trigger I have used. 

Be warned mags have been notoriously hard to find here recently.



Yes. And gotten higher priced as well. One of the few smart things I did was to buy all I could afford when I found them. And thankfully the mags are almost universally interchageable between the models. Sort of like Glock mags.

All my mags have been OE but for a mistake I made back in the summer. I found an ad for Canik mags dirt cheap...like sub 20 bucks. Ordered a bunch. But didn't investigate the seller beforehand. Seller had bad ratings and seemed rather shady in his actions.

I got scared and started overloading his email with qestions about when I'd get the mags or should I just ask for a refund. Well, I actually got 8 mags finally. But all were ProMag and not Canik manufacture. There were some who got nothing I'm told. If I can find the address, I'll post it as a warning.

Since I had had little luck and love for ProMag...I tested them quickly. They seemed to function ok. Sometimes requiring a hard slap to lock in. Some didn't drop freely, almost had to pull them out. But I got 4 out of the bunch I'll trust as a last resort. But even these I really will only use for range shooting.

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13 hours ago, hipower said:

I want a Rival. But will have to wait on one. It's supposed to be superior to other models. What do you think? 

I really like it my friend has the elite combat model. seems both have same trigger but rival has longer slide so in theory it’s more accurate. I like the mag well. It has been cleared to complete in Pistol competition    came in hard case and optic ready.   And it looks great  has cutout’s in slide    Con. It doesn’t have a ported barrel I wish it did  it has a lot of mussel flip.  I used a old nonworking. Olight poured full of lead to give it weight and keep it down    and I wish it came with 3 mags    Accurate pistol  and yes I like it looking flashy LOL 

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Thanks, Sleep profit. I appreciate the comments. Flashy? Yes, it is. I'd have to go with the Black/Gold option. But I understand there's an all black available as well.

But even so, it's not as flashy as my dearly departed Taurus "Pimp Gun." A 1911 in high gloss black and all polished gold trigger, hammer, and slide release. It was awesomely beautiful. Wish I still had it. LOL.

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I owned one for a few years and recently sold it.  I had a few minor complaints: it was oversprung for the ammo I was using, and it shot much too high with the iron sight installed. 

I think they might ship with two different spring weights now but at the time, I didn’t want to shoot it badly enough to go chase one down.  The rear sight was a nonissue for me because I used a RDS instead.  

The holster they included was junk and never worked right for me.  I also didn’t care for the trigger shape was it tended to cause my finger to drag along the bottom of the guard.  

But all that aside, I think they are a good value and are a quality product.  

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