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Wireless Dog Fence

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I need to get one, when I travel overnight, my wife is unable to walk the dog.

If we hook her up to her run, she just sits on the porch.

1/2 acre coverage.

Numerous models available, from $150 to $1500

Any and all opinions would be appreciated!

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I had an Invisible Fence brand once, but it was 15 years ago.  At the time, they touted their infinite level of adjustment that could be tailored to each dog.   My dog only got shocked twice (once deliberately during training, and once on her own).  

I tested it myself.   It wasn't a shock so much as my entire arm involuntary contracting at once.  It didn't hurt like a strong static shock, but it was quite surprising.   My dog vocalized like she was being briefly tortured, though. 

It was good solution for a house we didn't live in for long, but I like the security of a real fence to keep things out.  Also, the dog had a pen for when we were away.

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I used the PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless fence for many years. Worked well.  No wire to bury.  A base station broadcasts a wireless signal and the collar doesn’t shock as long as the dog stays within its range. You can adjust the range.  It broadcasts a 365 degree signal so you can’t define the area as well as with a buried wire system.

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You can also just buy the wire and an attachment head for a weedwhacker. I forget what it’s called but it’s basically just a metal attachment to dig through the ground a little (probably requires a decent gas powered that can torque it as battery would fry the motor I’d imagine). This is what my buddy did with his house. 

Use that to build a 2” trench. Use flex conduit or a garden hose across the driveway or any streams. 

Its a lot cheaper. I looked into it at one point but I decided to just let mine be a country dog and he seems to respect his boundaries.



It looks like pet safe is a good option after checking Amazon  


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I used Pet Safe for years. They are here in Knoxville. Great service and support. I did the underground wire and also the wireless. 

@A.J. Holst I have a wireless transmitter you are more than welcome to have if you are interested. I'd have to dig around in my basement and see if I have/can find the collars. I have a 6 foot wood fence around a half acre for our dog now so I don't need it. 

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Can't say much about th wireless, my niece had one and played around with a few times then didn't use it anymore, so I assume she wasn't happy with how its worked.

A friend had the more traditional buried wire type the worked well for a few weeks then their dog discovered for a short burst of pain it was free. Broke out nearly every time. 

Neighbor has a system that is a variation of wireless if your dog will come when you yell for it. She pushes a remote button that vibrates the collar and gets the dogs attention then she yells for it to come. Seemed to work.

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We had a PetSafe that worked very well.  Garufa stated the weakness of the wire-in-ground system.  The dog learns that once their past it, they're free!

With the PetSafe, once the dog gets past the set strength of the radio signal, they get a warning buzz.  If they keep going, they get a shock.  They keep getting shocked until the get back inside the perimeter.

Another advantage is that it's portable.  Take the base unit when you go on vacation and set it so your dog can't wander.

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I have a PetSafe underground system that I have had for about 20 years, around about 2 to 2.5 acres.  It has worked very well for me.  All of my Boxers have responded great with it once trained to it.  I do recommend following the training concept.  

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Thank you all!

12 hours ago, Garufa said:

Friend of mine used to have a wireless fence for his dog.  Dog just got a head of steam up and charged over the thing, then refused to come back in the perimeter. 😀

Best Gun Buddy had a similar experience, his recommendation was to set collar at full power...

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If you go with an underground system, I recommend you take a picture when you lay it to show where it is in relation to landmarks.  This helps when/if you have to ever repair a break in the wire.  It is easy to install by simply using a flat blade shovel to cut a slice/flap in the ground that you can slide the wire under and lay the flap of sod back in place.

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