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Memphis wants gun control.

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There have been rumors of this for a couple of weeks now. It appears that next Tuesday it will be presented to the Memphis City Council.

Local news tonight reports that a couple of Memphis City Councilmen are fed up with crime and intend to introduce city legislation on gun control. 

The proposed law will:

1. Outlaw permitless carry within Memphis city limits.

2. Make it a violation to store a gun in a vehicle.

3. Outlaw owning an "assault weapon" inside the city limits. 

Never mind that this would be in violation of State law. They intend to try it. Hopefully smarter members of the city council will kill this stupidity quickly. But I wouldn't be one bit surprised if they tried it. 🙄

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13 minutes ago, Grayfox54 said:


Never mind that this would be in violation of State law. 

It’s just pandering. They’ve pretty much admitted that it would violate state law. These proposals are just playing to the masses. 

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1 hour ago, Links2k said:

It’s just pandering. They’ve pretty much admitted that it would violate state law. These proposals are just playing to the masses. 

#1. they want to look like they're trying to do something

#2. they're looking for federal $$$ to bolster the grossly mismanaged, under-funded, and very Admin top-heavy MPD.

They figure to win on both points because JB&Co are so keen on shredding 2A.



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Outlaw owning a semi-auto firearm in the City-

Pretty much what they mean by assphalt weapon-

And-Yes I know I spelled that wrong-and on purpose I might add-

They are making it a lot easier for the wife and me to decide to move somewhere else-

Tennessee is a State that indeed has better firearm freedoms than many other States-but lately between Lee and these Memphistards it's becoming a crap shoot-

May need to go East-

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Well the local news, Channel 3, made this there 2nd story at 10:00pm. Only a shooting beat it for top place. They're presenting it as if its a real thing that politicians want to make happen. 


“We’re passing this ordinance understanding that we will be sued by the state of Tennessee,” Smiley said. “But we will stand our ground and make sure that people in the city of Memphis will be safe.”

Just when you thought politicians couldn't get more stupid, one comes along to prove you wrong. 🙄

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58 minutes ago, tacops said:

Memphisfornia.  Slowly moving East to include Nashfornia

Memphis - Proud that it's always in the top three dangerous cities in America. Wonder why?

Stay classy, Memphis.

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Here's the thing. IF they pass this, they know its illegal, they know the State is going to take them to court and they know they will lose. That means lawyers that the tax payer will have to pay for. How many thousands of tax payer dollars are they willing to spend just to make a stupid statement? Its a complete waste of time and money. 💩

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Latest update per News Channel 3: It passed the first hurdle in the City Council today receiving committee approval.  If it makes it all the way through, it would be a Referendum on the 2024 ballot and up to the voters. 

A couple of changes:

1. The assault weapon section has been changed to ban the SALE inside Memphis city limits.

2. A Red Flag law has been added. 

IDK, if it ends up on the ballot, Memphis is a democratic stronghold and it actually could pass. 🙄

Hopefully the State Attorney's office will intervene and straighten these idiots out long before it gets that far. 

I'm so glad I don't live in Memphis. 

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On 5/13/2023 at 7:35 PM, Garufa said:

If every single firearm was removed from Memphis, it still wouldn’t fix the problem.  

Same goes for every other city in this country.

Well, maybe if you removed...

...ahh, never mind...

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Most of the sporting goods places that sell firearms are in the Memphis City limits-

Memphis just keeps annexing property until a person will have to live in Fayette to get out of the city-

Just 1 mile east of me and it's the City Limits-

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Just cut off the State funds till they remove illegal laws.


TCA 39-17-1314. Preemption of local regulation of firearms, ammunition, and knives — Actions against firearms or ammunition manufacturer, trade association, or dealer — Party adversely affected by local regulation.

(a) Except as otherwise provided by state law or as specifically provided in subsection (b), the general assembly preempts the whole field of the regulation of firearms, ammunition, or components of firearms or ammunition, or combinations thereof including, but not limited to, the use, purchase, transfer, taxation, manufacture, ownership, possession, carrying, sale, acquisition, gift, devise, licensing, registration, storage, and transportation thereof, to the exclusion of all county, city, town, municipality, or metropolitan government law, ordinances, resolutions, enactments or regulation. No county, city, town, municipality, or metropolitan government nor any local agency, department, or official shall occupy any part of the field regulation of firearms, ammunition or components of firearms or ammunition, or combinations thereof.

(b) A city, county, town, municipality or metropolitan government is expressly authorized to regulate by ordinance, resolution, policy, rule or other enactment the following:

(1) The carrying of firearms by employees or independent contractors of the city, county, town municipality or metropolitan government when acting in the course and scope of their employment or contract, except as otherwise provided in § 39-17-1313;

(2) The discharge of firearms within the boundaries of the applicable city, county, town, municipality or metropolitan government, except when and where the discharge of a firearm is expressly authorized or permitted by state law;

(3) The location of a sport shooting range, except as otherwise provided in §§ 39-17-316 and 13-3-412. To the extent that a city, county, town, municipality, or metropolitan government has or enforces any regulation of privately owned or operated sport shooting ranges, the city, county, town, municipality, or metropolitan government shall not impose greater restrictions or requirements on privately owned or operated ranges than are applicable to any range located within the same unit of local government and owned or operated by a government entity. A party may challenge any regulation of a sport shooting range that violates this subdivision (b)(3) in the manner described in subsection (g); and

(4) The enforcement of any state or federal law pertaining to firearms, ammunition, or components of firearms or ammunition, or combinations thereof, except as prohibited by § 38-3-115.

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Memphis - don't they also have Stop and Rob stores where the urban inhabitants do all their stealing for free? The only punishment is if the store owner attempts to prevent theft.

Next, the Memphis Urban Mafia will be demanding buses, Lyfts, and taxis to offer free rides to these stores as stealing and carjacking  might endanger the thugs from someone who dares protect themselves with a gun.

Take the 10 largest urban jungle Democratic Party-run cities out of the crime stats, and you'll have a normal crime rate.

Take the 10 largest urban jungle Democratic Party-run cities out of existence and immediately life improves for everyone that matters.


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On 5/13/2023 at 11:40 PM, Frog4aday said:

We need a new law that says if you pass laws you know violate the law you no longer get to remain in office to keep passing bad laws.

Aint that the truth?

Society is after every LEO because of how they inforce law. They want to drum them out.. but they'll keep the politicians who overstep and make stupid laws?

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