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Shelby County Shootout Leaves Homeowner in Jail

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Deputies said that he also admitted to closing his eyes while he shot because he was scared and shooting as the suspects ran back to their car.  


I guess the side that says to repeat “I was in fear for my life against armed assailants, lawyer”, “lawyer”, “lawyer”or some form of that wins this round. No opinion either way but the fact that he admitted to police to having his eyes closed jumped off the page. 

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If you're involved in a shooting, you better expect to be arrested. The police are gonna arrest everybody involved until they can sort out the details. Odds are the charges will be dropped AFTER the police get the complete story. 

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On 5/21/2023 at 10:31 AM, Grayfox54 said:

If you're involved in a shooting, you better expect to be arrested. The police are gonna arrest everybody involved until they can sort out the details. Odds are the charges will be dropped AFTER the police get the complete story. 

i know of several self defense shootings where the person claiming self defense didn't get arrested at the scene. Now admittedly some were arrested later on after the investigation. 

I know of a guy personally that shot a guy and never was arrested, and it wasn't even a very good shoot. with the circumstances involved I was actually worried he might get charged but he never was. He pulls into his driveway with his grandkids in the car and this guy approaches him off the street. The guy said something angrily in Spanish as he approached the car, and he just got out of the car and shot him. He is a older fellow, and the bad guy was pretty built, and the DA said that because he was apt to be overpowered by the bad guy and he was protecting his grandkids in the car it was justified. Also, right or wrong the bad guy was an illegal and had no family pushing for charges or to file a civil suit. 


As for the incident in question, I hate the guy was arrested but he also shouldn't be firing a weapon if he can't keep his eyes open while doing so. If he had shot a family across the street he would have a lot more charges and there would be innocent people dead. This is what worries me about a lot of well meaning people armed, they don't have the training to actually handle the firearm when called to do so. Looks like they only thing that saved him was the robbers were as bad of a shot as he was. 


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4 minutes ago, Scotty said:

May fly in the county he was in, don’t see it working in his favor in Davidson or Shelby.

Just my $.02. 

I don't doubt that. We are lucky enough to have a DA that has some common sense. 

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Only statement to make is, "He attacked me, there is his Knife/Gun/Weapon, he/she is a witness, Sir I will file a complaint against this man for attacking me, I was in fear of losing my life so I fired out of self-defense, Say to Police officer, Sir you know how serious this situation is so "I need exercise my 5th amendment right and I need an attorney".

Say NOTHING else about the case, period. Expect to be detained and hopefully you have some type of "Self-defense insurance", because you are going to need it really bad. My wife and I are members of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, (360-878-1975). Call them and they will talk to you. "Very Reasonable cost." I don't work for them but do have "some" peace of mind should I be forced into a bad situation. Pray I will never need their services. I consider this cost the same as homeowners or health insurance. My advice, "If you carry a gun, you need it." 

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Two points about this shooting event.

The homeowner talked too much. When he said "he closed his eyes and fired" he was guilty of reckless endangerment. He talked too much.

Memphis is a predatory urban jungle city. The DA is anti-gun, anti-self defense, is so soft on crime he should be called Charmin, and a typical George Soros-bought prosecutor. 

The prosecutor plays to his voters, not to the law. 

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