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Hopefully we all realize that this day is set aside to remember and honor the ultimate sacrifice that has been paid by so very many on behalf of our country. 
I just heard this song recently. The band is Sabaton. They are a Swedish heavy metal band, very talented, and about all they sing about is history, especially historical battles. 
When I heard it the other day while driving I just about had to pull over. 
Let us never forget the sacrifice of not only those who have gone before us, but those who have gone for us. 


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Thoughts, Prayers, appreciation, and respect for all that have served and the many that have been impacted by the loss of our service members, especially the family members of those that gave the Ultimate sacrifice or had their lives changed forever.

From what I read only around 7-8% currently living have served. So many have no concept of what that (service) means.

Despite the difficulties currently in our Nation we are Blessed beyond comparison thanks to the sacrifices of these few and their families.

I am honored to have served so long ago. I experienced nothing compared to the young men and women of the GWOT era.

God Bless them all. Please remember them.

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My mother is the youngest of 13, she is the last of her brothers and sisters. She had a brother that gave all in WWll.

God Bless the ones that gave all.

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13 hours ago, Defender said:

Don’t care for metal music too much (ok I’m old, lol) but those are some powerful words right there, res308.

I certainly understand that. I figured I’d give everyone fair warning up front that they are a metal band in case someone heard a guitar string and missed out on hearing the lyrics. 

I don’t like most of it either, maybe because I’m old too. Shoot, I’m not a fan of most of the so-called music of today. I’ll just go ahead and say most of it is terrible. It ranges from poor excuse for singing to lyrics about how they can better serve satan. I’m including today’s “country (woke-ry) music” which is an even more horrible version of pop, and a huge disgrace to the actual good country singers of the good old days. I’m lookin at you Chris Ledoux, George Straight, Clint Black, Jennings, Cash, etc., etc. 
Some of the metal, however, I am a fan of. Like this band here. Sure they play guitars. But their songs are almost like history lessons, and their lyrics are clean, which is of utmost importance to me. So is vocal talent. A great many of these metal singers are classically trained vocalists. 
I would have just posted the lyrics without any mention of who they are, but this dude’s voice just seems to carry it over the top.
I’m glad y’all enjoyed it. And, I’ll admit I wasn’t joking when I said I just about had to pull over when I heard it the first time. 

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Posted (edited)

OK...re; Sabaton and res308's comments. For me, ARLINGTON just tears me apart.

First time I heard it, I admit I cried. The song is so strong on family and service it is just amazing.

Now for Sabaton. I was not prepared for this much of a reaction. I got chills and hair standing on my arms immediately. Totally fantastic! I loved it so much. 

The vocals remind me very much of a South African Singer...Steve Hofmeyer. I would love hearing him sing that first Sabaton song. I'm going to hit his FB page and suggest it. Steve's voice has a bit of raspiness similar to the Disturbed singer on his rendition of Sounds of Silence.

I was just listening to u-tube music videos when I ran across Steve singing Barry Sadler's Ballad of The Green Berets. I was 17 and very impressionable when I first heard Barry Sadler. I was taken in immediately by his voice and lyrics. He's still one of my favorites.

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