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Who goes kayaking? I'm probably going to start. I was 172 to 174 lbs when we adopted the 3 little ones. With all the court and doctors visits, I stopped exercising and got up to 226.6. I'm down to 181.4 now. I use to live on a flat bottom boat a want a kayak. I will be making a huge mistake by using it 95% of the time alone and going up river, tuning around, and coming back. I did a 4 hour run the other day on a friend's cheap kayak and it was not designed for against the current travel. 

I mainly want exercise.

I want to have fun. 

Some use to access a few hunting areas. 

I don't want to die.  LOL

I will never use it for fishing. 

I'm looking a the Hobie compass for a sit on or a Wilderness systems tsunami for a sit in. I'm going to talk to a kayak shop Wednesday and get their opinion, but want y'alls opinion. 


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I had a couple/3 yaks that I used for fishing, so can't be much help.  I had 2 Wilderness System yaks and they were well made, but HEAVY, so....  Also had one with a trolling motor on it, but like I said, used for fishing.  LOL

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I can't recommend the Hobie enough.  Their Mirage drive is better than any system on the market.  I actually like their older Turbo GT model without reverse the best.  It's a couple hundred dollars cheaper - and gives a little more speed.

It's a great workout.  

In that same class boat - you might consider the Hobie Passport as well.  It doesn't have all the same fishing features the Compass does - Lowrance mount, rod holders, etc - but it's typically about $600 less retail.  It comes with the traditional GT fins instead of the popup 360 fins.  I think both have the same seat - which is something Hobie does well.



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Also, as to sit-on-top or sit-in - you're going to have a lot more flotation with the sit-on-top.  If you're kayaking alone - wear a life jacket and all of that - it provides a little extra peace of mind knowing you've got more flotation.

Also, you can throw a cooler on the back, etc.  You can do most of that in a sit-in - but it's more of a pain to get to stuff.  And, you're almost certainly going to get wet if you're entering the boat from anywhere other than a dock.  With a sit-on-top - you can walk on and generally stay dry.

Seats are almost always going to be better on a sit-on-top.  If you're going to use it for exercise for more than an hour or so - that matters.  I don't know exactly how old you are - but it's a lot more comfortable and you're likely to stick with it longer if the seat doesn't suck.

Happy to let you try out my pro angler 14 if you like


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10 minutes ago, analog_kidd said:

I've kinda gotten out of it for a while, but I used to go all the time. here's me on Bald River Falls over by the Tellico


Wife and I go to tellico a lot take a picnic lunch and watch kayaking. If looks awesome 

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3 hours ago, analog_kidd said:

I've kinda gotten out of it for a while, but I used to go all the time. here's me on Bald River Falls over by the Tellico


Honest question....did you survive this? LOL

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I own Crescent Kayaks.. in many flavors. Light Tackle, CK1 and the Tandem.

They are a very stable sit on kayak brand.. Made In America by Americans..

If you are interested I am located in Hendersonville and can get you a test float.  I absolutely love the brand and the kayaks I own.



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15 hours ago, NoBanStan said:

Tell her she needs to be into lift kits and 37-40" tires

37s with a gear change looks good. Probably going to 35s after the tires get a little worn down. 

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Got about 12 miles on the water and a 3.4 mile woods hike in this weekend.  Picked up a drive for the Wife in Alabama. Found out about a 4 mile hiking trail not far from my home that I was told would kill me. I have 9 12 hour shifts in a row starting Monday and we will see if I die on the 23rd. LOL 


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