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Concealed carry locations, Yes/No/Maybe

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When I obtained my CCW in CA (San Diego specifically), I used a simple chart to help with where I could carry and where I couldn't carry...

I also reference sites such as Handgunlaw.us and other similar sites but they don't cover a lot of stuff

Yes, the laws are there, however I am not a lawyer and trying to interpret them is mind boggling, convoluted and at times seems circular

I realize that different cities also have different laws but a starting point would be better than nothing

Does such a thing exist here in Tennessee?


Thanks, Rick


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Most places are required to post a legally compliant sign. It has to have the gun pictograph with the slash across it and the verbiage from the TCA.  The pictograph alone is not acceptable.

When the law changed to allow carry in parks, it did not require signs to be removed.  So it's possible there are some old signs that have no effect. 

The laws here are intentionally confusing and/or vague. It's annoying but such is life. Check out all the pinned threads at the top of this subforum. 

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if you have a permit, pay attention to the legal posting referred to by peejman.  Additionally, cannot carry on school grounds or any area that a school event is held, park or otherwise.  Jails, courthouse, post office. that takes care of most places.

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Thanks for the input, it does help

In CA, the DMV is OK to carry (not here), baseball stadiums like Petco Park are not (Sounds stadium in Nashville no), Zoos yes. Banks yes... so it goes beyond schools, jails, courthouse and post offices...

What about medical buildings/clinics, are they governed by signage? Library? Churches? How about a Church that also teaches school? Historical buildings/museums...

Not trying to be difficult here, just trying to learn my way around this great state

Thanks, Rick

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Short version (not comprehensive but close enough for every day life for most folks): Only schools and any place judicial proceedings are happening are off limits by law and don't need signs. Anywhere else needs a sign to become a prohibited location and some places need to have signs plus metal detectors, guards, and bag searches to be made off-limits.

You can read the laws for yourself. The most important ones are:

References to 39-17-1351 are about people with Enhanced Carry Permits and 39-17-1366 are the regular Carry Permits.

Federal properties (Post Office, military installations, National Park buildings, TVA, Corps of Engineers, etc.) have a different set of rules. They must be posted with slightly different signage to be off limits, but from a practical matter all of them are.

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As I said earlier, signs have the force of law, pay attention to them.  Monkeylizard noted that Federal Bldgs are generally a no go.  One has to read the laws.  USCCA has a pretty good synopsis.  Different for those with permits vs. Permitless carry.  Take a class and/or do your research.  This ain't CA.

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We went to the Grainger Co Tomato Festival and I asked the folks running the sheriff's dept tent what their position was on carrying at an event like that. Held outdoors on school grounds without being sponsored by the school, and while school isn't in session. They didn't have an answer, and didn't seem particularly interested in finding one. 

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Yeah, a school is never not a school regardless of what event is happening. But a park/similar can become effectively a school temporarily while in use by a school.

What we don't have that I've ever seen is statutory or case law for something like a school at a church where the school area of the building is used for something else (like Sunday School, nursery space, AA meetings, worship services, choir practice, etc.) on weekends or weeknights. Is that "school" area of the building off-limits 24x7? There's an old AG opinion (an opinion is not law) from 2009. It would suggest to me that since the church, not the school, owns the building, it's only a school when being used for school purposes and reverts back to being just a church when school is not in session. Much like a public park goes back to being a plain old park when the school event leaves the park. I'm not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. Just my personal interpretation of a state AG's opinion on the topic: http://www.tba2.org/tba_files/AG/2009/ag_09_160.pdf

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