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The walmarts in cleveland have plenty of ammo in all Cal. except for .380's they had 6 boxes of 9mm Feds and 2 value packs of Winchesters about 20 packs of 40 S&W of feds and 2 value packs of Winchesters and 2 boxes of .45 ACP remington and 1 box of JHP winchesters and several boxes of .357 Mag and alot of .44 Mag down here the only thing we cant get is .380's i might have to go a week without getting 9mm, .40 or .45 but no longer than that so if someone needs something they can head this away if they want :D

Sssssshhhhh! You're robbing some folks of their incorrect supposition of me!


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Just went to Gander Mtn in Knoxville, and they had plenty of ammo on the shelf. I went looking for .380 and was able to score some. I had almost forgot what it looked like.

They had the 50 count FMJ for $20, some SD Hollowpoints for $24, and a big 100 count box of JHP for $69.

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Turkey Creek Walmart had...

9mm WWB 100 count boxes (about 20)

WWB .45 Auto 100 count (5 boxes)

Plenty of .40 in Federal and WWB

Winchester JHP in 9mm and .45

About 20 boxes of CCI Mini Mags in .22LR HP 36 grain

2 boxes of WWB 357 Sig.

The guy there said they were starting to get shipments in every other day with a lot more in each shipment.

I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods to look at safes and noticed they had a bunch of ammo in stock including Blazer, CCI, Remington and others in several varieties.

Midway USA also has 9mm Critical Defense in stock.

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Turkey Creek wal-mart had probably close to a thoundsand rounds 9mm Federal and *GASP* 4 boxes of .380 FMJ ammo! ($16.97/50). I was going to buy a box of the .380 for my wife, but I didn't have $18.50 to spend on ammo right now:(


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Finally went to Gander Mtn in Knoxville and picked up 3 boxes of .380 for about 19 a box. They had a ton more.

As of yesturday, Walm-Mart in Morristown had a ton of 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 FMJs and a variety of other calibers. No .380.

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Just came back from Oak Ridge WalMart where I found a rare box of .380 (50 count). The clerck said they had two come in this morning, and someone bought the first box. Whoever you are, thanks for leaving me one. ;)

Unfortunately, they were out of everything else I was looking for (9mm, .22 bulk).

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Guest H0TSH0T


has tons of .40 ammo from 16$-and up, fed, independent, American eagle, wolf, blazer and fiocchi at a glance over 300 boxes, they even had 250 count umc(rem) for $89.00 only 2 left.

and they believe it or not had rem small pistol primers, $30.99 a box of 1k, a little over priced but in the Chattanooga area it's a little hard to come by, don't bother looking on the shelf, they are holding them behind the counter out of sight, all you have to do is ask....

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As of late yesterday afternoon, Walmart on Nolensville Rd and Old Hickory Blvd had around 7 boxes of Federal FMJ .40S&W ($13 & change) and a few boxes of Winchester JHP .40S&W. I didn't pay much attention to the calibers. Sorry fellas. I only grabbed 2 boxes of the Federal FMJ .40S&W.

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Knoxville Walmart at Walker Springs just got some .40 and .45 looks like they had a bunch

I want you to know that you started a small stampede with that post. :D Thanks for the heads up.

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