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long term gasoline storage?

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I'd figure on adding some Stabil fuel stabilizer to whatever you had. That should hold you for at least 6 nmonths. Also use your storage fuel to replenish car fuel every few months, rotate the crop so to speak.

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Just make sure you add something like Stabil to get the most out of it and get rid of water. If sealed properly and in a cool dry place I think it can make it a year, maybe a little longer. I curious as well to long term storage as I've never keep any for more than a year.

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My dad Kept 550 Gallons Through the 70's and into the 80's in an underground pressurized tank. He put stabil in it and cycled it through his cars and tractor. Never had a problem as long as he filtered it before using it. The tank would rust. He was on SHTF alert during the carter years.

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I was cutting my grass with the same gas for almost 2 years, no stabilizer, no problems.

Can't say my car or motorcycle would have been as accepting of my aged gasoline, and I don't see much of a need to cut my grass in a SHTF situation...

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stabil is the minimum....

i quit using it for long term (years) when carb/jet issues started popping up.

PRI-G is absolutely amazing stuff.

PRI Advanced Fuel Treatments

will maintain fresh fuel for years if treated annually.

i have fuel in cans that is 8 years old, still burns in vehicles fine.

Awesome, I bet my motorcycle would appreciate this stuff for those times between rides in the colder months when I'm not sure when I'll get the next opportunity to ride.

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My understanding with StaBil is that you do it at the beginning in order to keep the gasoline from deteriorating, you can double the dosage to get around two years' worth of 'safety net', but I don't think it can help gas that's already started deteriorating.

Of course, ideally you'll rotate the gas anyway. I shouldn't have let mine sit for 15 months - it really should be in somewhat constant rotation (every few months) in order to be safest. Worst possible scenario is SHTF and your fuel filter gets clogged by bad gas...

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Guest H0TSH0T

if the SHTF you would be better off with a siphon hose and empty can and a good armed look out. rember the SHTF the rules are not rules anymore and the likely hood of a gasoline theft call is not gonna be answered when all the LEO's are tied up in riots and looters, the worse thing you may be facing is the armed owner of said gasoline.

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thats what i figured but i was commenting as to FlashGordons comment on 8 year old gas with PriG


BTW, the PRI-G is said to restore old gas to refinery fresh.

this stuff really is amazing, and as far as their statement on restoring, i can't verify personally, but know people who state this is true.

this stuff is used for ginormous storage facilities, millions of gallon type stuff and bulk storage.

i've refreshed 3 year old gas, no problem, but nothing older than that.

that being said, i wouldn't be surprised.

read about it...

you can buy it by the quart and it treats hundreds of gallons per quart.

it's used heavily in the marine world and military storage facilities.

also used for treating diesel (PRI-D) and can be used in AV gas and kerosene.

and by the way, my old tractors and motorcycles love it. start easily after long term storage every time.

check it out....

PRI Advanced Fuel Treatments

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