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tn honors ccw


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According to packing.org you are correct. We (TN) honors theirs but they don't honor ours.

this is BS! so i'm going to have to stop at the border and unload and lock up! so glad they can come here without having to do so

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can anyone confirm that TN honors WV permits, but WV doesn't honor ours?? i have to go to WV in may for my sisters wedding and couldn't believe that it's not reciprocal

Sorry, I checked to see if they honored a non-resident permit, but no luck there. A few years ago Alabama did not honor Tn. permit but they honored New Hampshire non-resident permit, so I got a New Hampshire non-resident permit to legally carry in Al.

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The history on that whole deal was:

-TN didn't honor AL's permits because we didn't think AL's test standards were up to ours.. theirs consisted of paying your county sheriff $20 and walking out with a permit :) AL in turn didn't honor TN's permit. The only way for a TN resident to legally carry in Alabama was the non-resident Vermont permit which Alabama honored.

-Tennessee drafted a bill that would honor any state's handgun carry permit, regardless of whether they honored ours or not.

-Alabama, seeing this legislation, decided to honor our permit since we now honor theirs. I think this happened in 03.

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this is BS! so i'm going to have to stop at the border and unload and lock up! so glad they can come here without having to do so

The way I understood it on packing.org, is you can carry in your car as long as it's in plain view....

But I could be wrong:eek:

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See that note at the bottom of the map? A number of states do not honor any non-resident permits. Kansas doesn't even though that's not part of their law. So a non-resident permit won't work in West by-god Virginia.

We didn't take Alabama's permit for years because they don't have to do a background check before issuing. I think there was one shreiff that did not do background checks.

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I carry wherever I go out of state anyway. Now I do so very discreetly fully realizing what could happen. As they say, though, I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6. In most places, the charge for carrying without everything just so so (permit not honored in that state, etc.) is a seperate charge from having to shoot someone, and the two charges are totally different/seperate. For example, the shooting itself may be good. Now, they may wish to charge you with carrying in which, in most states, you'd pay a fine and maybe loose your gun, but I'd think that may be the worst of it.

General speaking I've found that you'll do better carrying up there in a rural setting than in their big cities as those big cities smell money to be made, and the rural people are more likely to be gun friendly. Still, stay discreet.

In the past, I'd carry a Keltec 9mm, something I'd throw down if I had to loose something, thuss it would not be costing me a fortune like say a squeeze cocker H & K.

On a trip like that, I'd be sure I had my FOX pepper spray to use just in case a situation were manageable without the use/presentation of a gun.

Good luck on the journey.

Hope I've been helpful. Respectfully, RN

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RN, not only do people carry in states or cities where they can not legally do so, but this illegal carry happens in our state too for the reasons you mention.

I have a friend who is a retired police chief. Rumor has it...that he might very discretely carry his concealed handgun in places where he isn't supposed to have it - like restaurants that serve alcohol and posted businesses. But that's just a rumor. :confused:

BTW, I notice you mention FOX pepper spray. You obviously have done your homework. I've tried to get about every gun store around here to carry it, but with no luck.

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Thanks, Marswolfe. Yes, in a place where I'm not supposed to carry a firearm, though I still do (except where this is a metal detector like court) I make ABSOLUTELY sure that I have my non-lethal means with me to avoid using the firearm if at all possible. I also stay a step above condition yellow but not obviously.

I've heard that there is such a demand for FOX that sometimes it's hard to get. Don't know if that is true or now.

Respectfully, RN

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There is an assload of Fox pepper spray on ebay: http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?cgiurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.com%2Fws%2F&fkr=1&from=R8&satitle=fox+pepper+spray&category0=&submitSearch=Search

Speaking of that, I'd like to get some pepper spray myself. I got my girlfriend some a while ago, and I'd like to have some, too.

Would this be for carrying or what. If you buy it, do you keep it in your pocket, carry it in a holster, etc? Are you gonna make it very easy to get to in case you need it. Or in your pocket where you might not have a chance to get to it? Just a couple of ?'s

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WV is a bit odd - as we all know.:confused:

The weapons laws there do not address open carry, only concealed carry of handguns. It's under their state statutes 61-7-1.

Yes, as I read it you may open carry in your vehicle or on the street. But I wouldn't advise it on the street and you will get hassled by LE even if it is spotted in your car. They really want it unloaded and boxed unless you have a permit.

We need to build a fire under Tennessee to get a reciprocity agreement.

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Guest macho999

I just got done with a 2 year on and off job in WV. They do not honor our permit. They only honor KY and VA but resident permits from those states only. Open carry is legal but I didn't feel the need to argue with cops all day who would be getting calls about it. I figured they could stick me with disturbing the peace or some other such nonsense so I just didn't carry. Don't venture too far from the main drags in Huntington or Charleston at night. The rest of the state isn't bad at all, except maybe some of the hollers if nobody knows you. Shoot me a PM if you want more WV info. I've been everyone in that state from Ohio County on down.

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