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Whats in your Bug Out Bag

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Due to having smallish kids, we're bug-in people if at all possible, but I have a BOB ready to go that I'd grab if we had to get out. Included items:

- Cliffs bars

- bottles of water (96 oz)

- Katadyn Pocket water filter (with optional carbon filter for dechlorination)

- first aid kit

- tarp

- paracord

- Cold Steel GI tanto and SOG Seal Pup

- bottle of 99% DEET

- (3) loaded G22 mags

- bic lighter

- emergency lighter

- few other small odds and ends like a small compass, small mirror, folded 'space' blankets, etc.

This bag was put together to live in my truck as a GHB or emergency bag if we're traveling (it goes in the van if we take that), but also as a rudimentary BOB. It's not perfect, but there's no way I could carry everything I'd need to move my whole family safely. Bugging in, if at all possible, is where our heads are...

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The Maratac AAA is the best EDC flashlight around in my opinion.

It now comes in copper. Pretty neat looking. Wonder if it gives your hands that same funny smell they have after handling a bunch of pennies... :D


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I have various stages of bug-out kit. I've got a full blown pack I can move into if I don't plan a return and I've got a nifty tactical man purse that can work for shorter periods. My bug-out kit usually consists of some or all of these items:

LaRue Trauma Kit

Boo-boo kit

AAA, AA, CR123 batteries

2 solar blankets

100-500 ft of 550 cord

RAT RC-5 SERE knife

SOG SealPup Elite knife

Pocket sharpener

Section of leather belt for strop

Jetscream whistle

Sabercut handsaw

Blastmatch firestarter

Signal mirror

Wetfire tender cubes

Cotton balls soaked in vaseline

Jute twine*

50 ft of climbing rope*

Bore snakes for pistol and rifle

Gerber hatchet*

Small fishing kit

Guyot 38oz stainless bottle for boiling water/cooking

100 ft of snare wire*

2lb bag of jerky to energize until food is caught/cooked*

20 oz bottle of water to quench until water is boiled*

.22lr ammo, .45acp ammo, 5.56 ammo*

Tuf-Cloth with Tuf-Glide lubricant

Machine Gunner's Moly Lubricant

GunSlick Graphite Lubricant

That's my kit in a nutshell. The items with * are determined by the bag I choose. They are unnecessary for my survival, but they are nice to have. I will add that I have been going on survival outings trying out different combinations and shaving as much of my kit as possible. Items in red all fit in a LaRue Pistol bugout bag which is approximately 10"x10"x4". That is my out the door in 30 seconds bag which is always packed. I have the Guyot bottle clipped on with a carabiner. The Gerber hatchet also attaches nicely, but is rarely kept on there.

By the way: This kit doesn't include the long gun/s (AR platform for defensive SHTF and .22lr Savage bolt for food) I would carry or the fact that I would have my EDC kit already have on (HK45 w/ X300, 2 extra mags, Streamlight TL-2 LED, SOG Trident, and Spyderco Stainless Endura).


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Loop end is placed on an animal path to catch the animals leg or around the neck. Other end is secured to an object the animal cannot carry away. Best way that I've heard to use them is to funnel the animal down its path until the noose would be around the animals neck. Don't disturb the path. Essentially the animal will strangle itself.

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What smell? I don't do pennies.:wall:

My GF is terrified of pennies. Like, when we're out and about, if she gets change and there are pennies involved, either I have to get the change or she won't let them touch her hands.

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