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Obligatory concealed carry holster thread

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It seems that every gun forum has at least a dozen threads going on at any given time about holsters. Rather than do that here, I thought maybe we could just do a thread listing off your preferred holster(s) for your carry gun(s).

I'll kick it off...

My preferred holster to date is the Comp-Tac brand C.T.A.C. inside the waistband holster. I have one for both my daily carry gun (XD45C) and one for my Kimber 1911. I've been using the CTAC for a few years, previously for my Glock 23 and have nothing but high praise for Randy and the rest of the crew at Comp-Tac. They really do believe in customer service, which is rare anymore it seems.

I'm fortunate that my workplace allows concealed carry due to the rather sketchy nature of our office neighborhood, so the XD45C quite literally goes with me everywhere I go anymore. I've found that the CTAC is very comfortable and makes the XD45C very easy to conceal.

Lately I've been thinking about trying a Tucker Gunleather "The Answer" holster for my 1911, though. I don't carry that gun very often but do train with it and the XD every time I visit the range (about once a week it seems) so I'd like the option of carrying it if desired. For some reason, it just doesn't feel as comfortable in the CTAC as the XD does.

Anyway, enough about that. How about you folks?

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Uncle Mikes Inside the waistband (generic) since nobody seems to make a holster for my Beretta PX4 Yet that I know of...

Of course, it's a moot point most of the time because CC is FAR from legal in IL right now... which seriously concerns me about living in this state, so much so that I am considering moving across the river to MO if I stay here much longer.

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CTAC is king right now for IWB. I actually wear this holster tucked sometimes at work.

Edited to add: CTAC doesn't work for me anymore. I now choose either Milt Sparks SSII or Blade Tech IWB.

Blade-Tech IWB works very well too. Well, any of the Summer Special style holsters work well for me.

Pocket holsters are a toss up. I've got Uncle Mike's for some guns, and too expensive leather holsters for other guns.

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Update for me...

A few weeks ago I ordered a CTAC and a paddle from Comp-Tac for my Kimber 1911. The CTAC took some work by them to get it right for this particular gun, and the paddle was just not going to work due to snagging issues. So I sent the paddle back and used it as an upgrade credit towards their new Infidel holster for my XD45.

Yesterday the Infidel holster arrived and I used it to carry my XD home after work, wore it around the house a bit and used it again today to carry my XD to and from the office.

Initial impressions:

A little more comfortable than the CTAC when you're sitting down. I chose to use their single 1.50" belt clip attachment, and this allows the holster to tilt a little as I sit. It's quite literally so comfortable that I forget it's there when I am sitting.

I can see where a good gun belt is going to be needed if I wear this holster for a longer period of time, though. Since it only has one point at which it attaches to my belt, all of the handgun's weight is put on that one place rather than distributed the way it is with the CTAC's two outrigger clips.

For quick trips to the store, to and from work, etc. the Infidel is a ton more convenient to use. I can literally just quickly clip it into my waistband and go. With the CTAC I normally have to loosen the belt, maybe unbutton my jeans flap, affix the holster, position it and then tighten everything back up. Not so with the Infidel. Quick, easy, out the door.

Handgun retention is excellent. As with all of the Comp-Tac holsters, retention is adjustable via two screws.

Retention of the holster in the waistband is excellent as well. No worries of it coming out accidentally or when drawing. The belt clip is very secure and takes a conscious effort to unclasp it from my belt. If you're really worried, opt for the two belt loops instead.

Could it be a suitable replacement for the CTAC? Actually... yes. With a very sturdy gun belt or by choosing any of the other belt attachment options, I can see where it would be just as stable as the CTAC even for long periods of time. As long as you aren't interested in tucking your shirt in over the holster and gun, then the Infidel is a great choice. Otherwise the CTAC is definitelt what you want to look at.

I'm quite happy with it and figure I'll probably use it more often than the CTAC because of the ease and convenience it offers.


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You had me at open my jeans flap. ;)

Seriously though, I think I'm gonna try the inside the waistband Comp-Tac. All the paddle holsters I have used feel like I'm about to give myself a wedgie when I draw. I think I may need a more rigid belt too.

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I also have a Comp-Tac CTAC for my XD .40 Service. It conceals real well and is pretty comfortable. I got a Sub-Compact XD and it fits that same holster just fine and I can conceal it under just a T-shirt. I've also got a Yakui (sp?) slide holster that I sometimes carry them in, but prefer the CTAC.

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You had me at open my jeans flap. ;)

Seriously though, I think I'm gonna try the inside the waistband Comp-Tac. All the paddle holsters I have used feel like I'm about to give myself a wedgie when I draw. I think I may need a more rigid belt too.

I think you'd like the CTAC a lot. Too bad that one I had sold before you got to it or I could have saved you some money.

A rigid belt makes worlds of difference!

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I think you'd like the CTAC a lot. Too bad that one I had sold before you got to it or I could have saved you some money.

I have your old holster now. :D

Not that I can use it yet.. but I'm prepared when that license finally comes...

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I'm thinking about ordering a Smartcarry, I often dress in jogging pants or shorts when it's warm, or just for around the house.

I already have a Ray's Custom 5-way holster, but it's kinda thick.

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Guest SharpDog

I have a fanny pack that carries all of my pieces very well, however I have also gone and bought fine holsters for them all, just in case. I mostly have Milt Sparks VersaMax 2 and Comp-Tac CTAC's but also a few other manufacturers. In pocket holsters I have Don Hume and Uncle Mikes.

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Guest jackdog

I've got the tucker gun leather answer for my Glock 23. Very comfortable holster to carry for long periods and concealment is excellent. Keltec always rides in a leather holster of my own design. Depending on what pants i'm wearing and which pocket it resides in.


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Guest Hyaloid

I have an HF-1 and a cover-up from Tucker Gunleather. Craftsmanship is first rate. However...

The wait time was EXCRUCIATING. The Cover-up IWB was to take 5-6 weeks... got it in about 11. All the while, I was receiving annoying e-mails from the seller, because it was around Christmas time. In these e-mails, he would tell a "story" about a wife that wouldn't take no for an answer, and had to have the holster by Christmas under the tree for her husband, so of course they worked extra hard and overnighted the holster to her just in time for Christmas. Ummm... excuse me sir.... I placed my order in OCTOBER!! No cutsies!

So, I wait double the length of time for my stuff. When I brought this to their attention, the response was pretty underwhelming.

So, at any rate... good quality, if you dont mind waiting 3 months for your holsters. Just my opinion, but I don't think I'd use them again.

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