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No longer listed in communist appeal and neither is my dad.

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I just searched a couple cities where I have friends that I know have had permits for a long time, and in both places it only returned 2 entries with that last name (these were common last names in big cities). It did not return my friends I was looking for.

A long time ago when I found about about the database I searched it to verify accuracy using several of my friends.... after about the 5th search, it told me something along the lines of "you are being nosy and we don't have this posted for people to use it for such purposes".

So then exactly for what purpose did they post it ?? :D:screwy:

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i am not listed either. I think that I checked the box on my Driver's Licence not to release my information the last time I renewed. Befor that I was in the database.

No how no way that had anything to do with it.

You'll see, unless the CA has quit paying for the database, you'll reappear when they fix the bug.

- OS

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The funny thing about the link is that there are only two parties that probably actually use the damn thing, the media and us! LOL.

I would bet, the average not caring citizen has no clue and really no interest in the database.

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I would bet, the average not caring citizen has no clue and really no interest in the database.


That's the way it is with these new laws, the media gets the niave public all worked up but it doesn't last. They don't really care enough for it to be a big issue with them.

As far as the C.A. database, I thought I wasn't listed until I noticed that they listed Kingston Springs as Kingston Spgs.(abbreaviated), on some of the permit holders. I typed in the zip code and there I was. Try typing the zip code only, no city name.

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Slightly off topic, but still related. I went to the MidSouth Fair in Desoto (btw the building has a sign that says no weapons allowed but nobody was searched when I was there) and came across a Commercial Appeal exhibit. The guy tried to get me to subscribe, and it was quite hard to say no while keeping a straight face. I wanted to laugh but kept my mouth shut because the guy was just a salesman with no decision making power.

I don't intend to subscribe to a paper anyway because I do most of my news reading online. But if I were to subscribe to one, it would not be the Commercial Appeal.

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