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TGO only Fighting Pistol course in Camden TN (May 26-27)

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Guest Rooster

You can put me in the "im in" list.

I think I read a few pages back that someone asked if they could come up on Friday night. If so that would be awesome. I hate the morning and I would rather already be there for Saturday morning. James or Shay could you verify thats its ok to come Friday night.

As for those of you that are having kids or short on money, congrats and sorry, but it's these times that I am glad that im single and have a good paying job. No offence. (Where's the duck behind the wall smilie when you need it):up:

See ya'll in May.

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You can put me in the "im in" list.

I think I read a few pages back that someone asked if they could come up on Friday night. If so that would be awesome. I hate the morning and I would rather already be there for Saturday morning. James or Shay could you verify thats its ok to come Friday night.

As for those of you that are having kids or short on money, congrats and sorry, but it's these times that I am glad that im single and have a good paying job. No offence. (Where's the duck behind the wall smilie when you need it):up:

See ya'll in May.

Don't be sorry and no offense taken, my kids are the best thing I have ever done.

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Guys, please Please PLEASE DON'T make the mistake that I made. I took a little bit from James Yeager and benefitted greatly from it. I always MEANT to get more, but somehow never did. Now, due to ill health (heart) I'm just not able to do the classes anymore and I'm by FAR the worse off for it. I'd suggest that you buy, bet, borrow (Yes, I mean go to the bank and take a loan if you have to.) to go to his classes. The life you save may well be your own and/or your loved ones. The world is in a mess and it's not getting any better.

I've come REAL close to having to kill a bad guy 4 times. I mean REAL CLOSE. I won't bore you with the long stories, but you bet I'll never forget it. A LOT of what helped me see the threat in time to make the moves to avoid having to shoot I learned from James. He knows this stuff UP AND DOWN/TOP TO BOTTOM and will teach anyone who will come with an open mind ready to listen and learn. So please do yourselves and your loved ones a big favor and take advantage of this chance to learn.

Respectfully, RNMEDIC

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OK, so who's registered for this class so far???

Looks like we've got the following people registered:






and the following people that have said that they want to do it




Looks like we've got 8 to go to the class.

Shay or James, how many people have registered on your end for this class?

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Since the class is on their website, I wonder if anyone outside of this forum has registered for it, thereby possibly taking someone's place that wants to go from here? It doesn't ask for your screen name or anything and I seriously doubt that they have our real names compared to our screen names. Just a thought.

I can understand the low on cash thing. I just had to pay in $3200 in taxes that my wife didn't get paid quarterly last year. She's a real estate agent and pays her own taxes, or is supposed to anyway. Needless to say, we had a little "discussion" about that.

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Guest Shay VanVlymen

The TGO class is half full at this point with 6 students registered. I'm pretty sure nobody from outside this board has registered but there is nothing that would prevent them from doing so. The class is cheaper than a regular class so someone savvy might take advantage of that by trying to sneak in. We have no interest in opening up enrollment because it was meant to be an educational AND social opportunity for members here.

TGO is the only place the class has been mentioned.

Demon, I like your avitar. Oleg's work?

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Guest GT_Rat

If only it were a different weekend.:D Oh well, I'm sure Tungsten and Hornet Handler will be up for hitting a weekend class during the summer. :bow:

By then I should have the hardware for the Fighting Rifle class too. :)

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Guest Tommy Ferguson Jr.

For the fence sitters...

+1 to what RN/MEDIC said. I've taken Fighting Pistol 3-4 times and my wife has taken it 2-3 times. I THOUGHT I knew about shooting and fighting until I took this class. I wish I was physically able to be there. It is life-changing.

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Guest Phantom6

At least y'all got to shoot. Due to the lightning in the area we had to reschedule the shooting portion of our NRA Basic Pistol/Handgun Carry Permit training. That and the fact that I didn't budget for boats and paddles in our business plan. :D

From the pics it looks like a good time was had by all- especially after they got home, dried out and had a warm Courvoisier or three. :up:

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Guest Shay VanVlymen

It was a great class. Two Contractors on break from Iraq, a house wife/mom, a Marine, two lawyers, one doctor, a golf course consultant, a real estate agent, an electrician, and many more.

Day one was wet. Day two was windy.

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Guest Shay VanVlymen

A student's review of Fighting Pistol the past weekend.

This is my first chance with any substantial internet time since I got back from Camden.

Fighting Pistol was PRICELESS. The weather was perfect as well. Training in ideal conditions to me at least...isn't as good as when the weather is ****ty, it's cold, and the ground is all soggy, cause you never know what it's going to be like if you ever have to use the skills you train so hard to get better at.

Through training with friends who had previously taken the class, I was already familiar with a lot of the shooting techniques and things we went over at the range. By taking the class however, it was all hammered home and I was able to pick up on a lot of finer details I never got while training before Tactical Response.

No matter your level of training, I recommend this class. Even if you think you know a lot, this class will change your outlook, I'm sure of it. It's a class I will probably keep coming back for at least once a year.

I am already signed up for FoF-The Fight in a week, and can't wait for that...and I just now registered for Advanced Fighting Pistol, Alumni Weekend, Fighting Rifle, and Advanced Fighting Rifle during that 8 day block in October.

Thanks to everyone who took this class, and especially Shay, Allen, and Jay.

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Guest Shay VanVlymen

Another student's review of Fighting Pistol from last weekend.

AAR Fighting Pistol 4/14-4/15

First of all I would like to thank our three Instructors. I would like to thank Shay for giving up a portion of his “nothing that casts a shadow” meal to help me work on my trigger control and his patience involved in this endeavor. I did find some humorous irony in a vegan giving us the “Grass Eater Meat Eater” analogy in the mindset lecture. All kidding aside Shay delivered an amazing mindset lecture! Props to Allen, a great teacher… and with my grip, my sight picture, and Allen’s trigger finger I am dangerous mother****er (I have a consistent trigger jerk to work through). Last but not least thanks to Jay who watched over us guys on the far end of the line. He would keep reminding us that we weren’t just going through the motions of scanning around, but that we were looking for movement by the cars or for a guy with a rifle behind the ****ter. Not to just move, but to anticipate a force attack, and who stayed on us to visualize round body parts not 2-D paper targets. Jay didn’t say near as much as Allen or Shay, but you could bet if he did it was either hilarious or it was something that could save your ass in fight for your life.

As everyone in the class knows we had wonderful training weather. Everyone’s fantasy gunfight takes place in familiar surroundings with weather that is sunny, mild, and of course with the sun in their attacker’s eyes. Under the guidance of the TR instructors we proved we could move, fight, execute our f.a.s.t. procedures in rain, wind, and mud without anyone being injured. I believe that we received more out of the training because of the “soggy” & “windy” weather.

Shay was spot-on when he described Fighting Pistol as “drinking from a fire hose.” Since the moment I left Yeager’s house I have been evaluating and finding more depth in the lectured material and hand’s on work on the range. It is all starting to decompress and really sink in. I honestly believe amongst all the new things learned the one most crucial thing I have taken from the class is recognition of how much I don’t know. With a new solid understanding of the fundamentals and the mindset needed for fighting with a gun, I feel as though I now have foundation to build on. Now that the instructors have done their part its our turn to “make our payments” and start applying that knowledge to our training at home. I’ve already got a stack of “dot drill” targets and a handful of dummy rounds for my next trip to the range. I’m hoping that come May 19-20 Shay will able to see the incorporation of the Fighting Pistol skills into my action/reactions within the FoF class.

I want to thank Allen and Sam who have been stand up guys getting the gear to me faster than I could imagine. They are always nice enough to sell me more than I need, but definitely less than I want. Sam has been real helpful in helping me select gear that suits my own personal needs and it is much appreciated.

To my fellow students, I was able to get to know some of you better than others but I enjoyed your company immensely and I look forward to training with you in the future as well as talking to you on the board. Finally to the Yeager family, thank you for allowing us into your home. One cannot truly understand the Team Room until you’re sitting on the couch amongst people who treat you like family even though you’ve just met.

Final thoughts: I am very glad that I choose Tactical Response as the first school to take firearms training. I feel as though the bar is set to a higher standard and in doing so the students rise to that higher level of overall preparedness.

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Guest Shay VanVlymen

A High Risk Contractor who spends most of his time in Iraq took the class with his wife. Here's his AAR:

My goals and objectives for attending this class were as follows.

1. Spend some quality time with my wife.

2. Have her learn to FIGHT with a pistol so she can defend our home and kids in my absence.

3. Get some MUCH needed quality trigger time for my self.

To prove some clarity as to what the instructors had to work with, my wife had fired a pistol ONCE on a range which did not allow presentations at all. I had spent 45 min with her the day before the class on the basics of keeping the gun in her “work space” and the draw stroke. THAT’S ALL.

On the way home she told me that she had agreed to go for three reasons.

1. 25% to make me happy

2. 25% to see if “the whole gun thing” could become “a shared interest” for us.

3. 50% to learn to better defend our family.

I feel it is important to lay that ground work because some have said that this class may be a bit much for a beginner. I can not imagine much more of a beginner than my wife.

Day 1 could have been a disaster if not for the professionalism, knowledge, and honest desire to see each student succeed displayed by the instructors. The weather sucked, she was being incredibly hard on herself to do well and becoming more and more frustrated with each new drill and each shot that was not on the dot. Time after time Allen and Shay worked with her providing positive re-enforcement, excellent instruction to correct deficiencies, and encouragement all while still working the line and helping the other students. By the end of the day she was getting good hits, moving well, performing F.A.S.T. and showing a huge increase in her weapons manipulation skills. She was so excited she spent 30 min on the phone calling family and friends.

Day 2 provided an excellent presentation on Mindset and use of force then on to the range. More dot drills, more movement and use of cover. By the end of the class she was hitting a pepper popper at 50 yards and completed a challenging end of course exorcise with good mindset and great hits.

So did Fighting Pistol meet our combined needs and expectations? NO!!!!!!! It EXCEEDED them!!!!!!!!!!! For the price of admission, ammo, time, and a bit of character building, weather added adversity this class has given me much greater and well founded piece of mind, a closer relationship with my wife, mutual respect for what I do and now what she can do, and a huge increase in her self esteem which can only come from succeeding in the face of adversity. This may sound a bit over the top but I honestly feel that what Fighting pistol gave my family was worth more than what I can express. Thank you James, Allen, Shay, and Jay, I am forever in your debt.

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Guest Shay VanVlymen
Man, I want in on this so bad... but I'm gonna be a daddy soon (again), and cannot travel very far.

I taught a class in Colorado three weeks before my son was born. My 8.5 month pregnant wife was unthrilled at the timing of me being gone so I fully understand your issue.

Congrats on your pending package :meh:

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I taught a class in Colorado three weeks before my son was born. My 8.5 month pregnant wife was unthrilled at the timing of me being gone so I fully understand your issue.

Congrats on your pending package :meh:

Thanks... yeah, the last thing you want is an angry wife, who gave birth without you, and a house full of firearms :D

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