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After class comments/review: TresMon's LONG Range class NASHVILLE 3-19-11

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I have all the ducks in the row for this coming saturdays class. I'm excited and looking forward to it. Any feedback you have after the class post it and we can discuss it here!

Looking forward to hearing you comments after saturday!

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Dear Tres,

Thank you for a wonderful class. The day went by so quickly. We were sorry when it was over. I am including a full evaluation below that you may use as you wish.

RE: Tres MonCeret's Long Range Shooting Seminar, March 19, 2011, Nashville, TN

I am female, a writer who has been researching long range shooting for a novel, a CPA, and a novice shooter learning to use my Winchester Model 70. The comments below address each of these roles.

1. I was the only female in this class, but I never FELT like I was the only female. I was just one of the students to Tres and consequently to all of the others in the class. I would highly recommend Tres' class for any woman who is interested in the science of long range shooting.

2. I spent weeks researching many of the topics covered in this class in order to set up a scene in my novel. The day spent with Tres was far more productive than all of the hours on my own. He is able to communicate all of these topics in a way that is easy for each student to understand, no matter their background, and he works hard to be sure that no one is getting left behind. He is able to communicate equally well to those with military ,law enforcement, or civilian backgrounds. His passion for this is obvious, but his talent for teaching is his greatest gift.

3. During my business career, I have taught in the college classroom as well as seminars all over the world. Tres' seminar can only be classified as excellent. Specifically:

a. The quality of the materials handed out was top-notch. The material was well researched and well organized. It included much new information that is not available on the Internet and will be an excellent resource for me in the future.

b. Tres' presentation skills were great. He told us at the end of the class that the seminar format was new to him, but that was not apparent at all to us. He made good eye contact, learned our names and used them, responded to facial expressions indicating confusion, and answered every question thrown at him thoroughly and succinctly.

c. Use of audiovisual aids was well done. Several videos were interspersed throughout the day, which helped keep the class engaged. He used the dry board constantly to illustrate concepts with simple diagrams. My only criticism of Tres was that he repeatedly apologized for his art skills, although his drawings were more than adequate and used well to communicate the concepts.

4. Although physical shooting techniques were outside the scope of this class, Tres took time during breaks and after class to help me with holds and recoil management. He also does one-on-one tutoring, which I plan to take advantage of in the future.

I would also like to thank Mr. B. Hubbard who assisted Tres with this class. He provided me with much additional information and also a possible title for my book.

In summary, I would highly recommend this class to all interested in long range shooting.

T. C. Bible, CPA

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Better late than never! This work stuff is definately interferring with my play time.

I attended the long range shooting class on March 19th.

A bit of background on me. Having spent 12 years in the Army, I was not that familiar with anything outside of iron sights or my trusty, issued Aimpoint red dot. Last Summer I finished my 6.5 Grendel build and topped it with a Leupold Mark IV. Well, this was a high end scope, but it did me little good when I didn't understand exactly what I was looking through. It has a TRM reticle with 1/4 MOA adjustments, and I could never seemed to "make it work". After many trips to the range, some were great while others had me on the edge of driving over my project rifle and leaving it for dead. What was I missing?

March 19th came along and I couldn't pass up this opportunity. The class was small and I had plenty of questions. Tres started with the basics. After several drawings and an explanation of some terminology, the light was coming on! I had heard many of the explained concepts, but I could not see the value or put it to work when shooting. Throughout the day, he built on the previous concepts and made sure everyone understood before moving on. Difficult concepts were broken down and easily explained with his whiteboard art. :) Partial list of topics covered: terminology, types of scopes, types of bullets, reticles & adjustments, incline/decline firing solutions, reticle target ranging, effect of weather & corrections, data cards, plus a nice list of tips and tricks. I now have a much better understanding of my equipment, simple and advanced shooting techniques thanks to Tres. This class was well worth the money.

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