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TresMon's Ultimate Handloading for Long Range/Bench Rest: Knoxville, TN June 4

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Handloading for Long Range or Bench Rest

We will be learning how to inspect and scrutinize each component of a loaded round of ammunition for consistency & accuracy. We'll Also go over how to carefully & methodically work up the most accurate possible load for a rifle with a given set of components. (It's east to get a rifle to shoot @ 100 yards. We'll go over means & methods to get it shooting it's best at LONG range...


  • weight sort
  • bearing sort
  • base to ogive sort
  • meplat correction
  • pointing
  • Moly coating

Brass Case:

  • weight sort
  • primer pocket uniforming
  • flash hole deburring
  • annealing
  • resizing
  • neck bumping
  • neck sizing
  • neck bushing dies
  • trimming length
  • reaming
  • neck turning
  • small basing
  • cleaning

Powder Charge:

  • selecting the appropriate powder
  • interpreting the reloading manual
  • finding true max charge
  • identifying pressure signs
  • various means of working up an accurate powder charge
  • powder handling scales & equipment


  • which primers to use
  • how to pick the best primer
  • primer cup hardness
  • preloading the anvil
  • priming equipment


  • sizing case to best length
  • finding best overall length
  • reviewing "jumping" & jamming
  • various quality control tests
  • eliminating bullet run-out


  • where to spend big
  • where you can skimp
  • why you wan't a "worn-out" press(!!)
  • various die types and designs
  • various presses
  • various powder measures & scales
  • case prep & inspection tools
  • bullet inspection tools
  • priming tools
  • case trimming tools
  • neck turning tools
  • etc

Each student will learn and see how to go through the whole process to handload the most accurate possible ammo for their individual rifle.

All good stuff here, but whats the cost of this class? I'm waiting to hear if I will be in town this day.

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