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Shay VanVlymen

Women in training

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I particularly like the porn film music in the background. :up:

I bet you do!


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Ok...at the risk of having pies thrown at me by both sides...here goes.

Some of the best men for the job were civillians. Look at Washington...a man with no formal education who not only saved our nation, but had a great hand in creating it. He was simply a patriot.

I see alot of acrimonious posts here...mainly by civillians at the attitude of veterans. I'm sorry to see that. Guys..Erasmus said it best when he said that "war is glorious only to the uninitiated".

I see veterans (and Keep in mind please that I HAVE seen the elephant guys..I may not know what his nether regions look like but I did manage to get an uncomfortable look at his tusks) who are sitting on their heels and allowing pride to speak.

I can only ask that both sides stop it. don't make me get my switch!:up:

We all look to the future which is why we train...some look with more clarity than others. I say that whatever skills you can bring to the table...be it the ability of acrobatic monkey commando (it aint stupid if it works) or the ability to know what the enemy/BG is thinking..BRING THEM!

if you want to do it like a mall ninja, heh..go for it. 80% of the crap I got saddled with when I went to combat, got left in a conex container (travel light, live to fight)...

I will say that combat is different every time..and every time I was scared ****less. If I can find a way to overcome that, be it with "gung ho training" or with the simple calming words of a grizzled old bast*#rd that can whip his weight in wolverines, the main thing is that you function.

Veterans..take what is given with a grain of salt...remember that someone who is eager to learn will make the same mistakes YOU did once. Instead of pissing on them..correct the mistakes GENTLY..they have a discipline that is strange to those of us who have had it in everything we do or did. they use it to hone their passion.

Civilians...instead of getting a case of the Hips...look past the hubris and pride. Its there because it cost them something..there's a wealth of knowledge there that you'd do well to listen to if you like your skin.

Guys all I'm saying I guess is that we're all Americans..and we all come from different walks of life. we all bring different things to the table...take what you need, discard what you don't. Correct in a loving tone, and also keep in mind that a wise man loves correction!

I know I'm off topic and I am prepared to be flogged.

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I particularly like the porn film music in the background. :up:

Porn film music? Why I... ah, er... wouldn't know what that might sound like. However, theoretically speaking of course, I usually... er, ah... used to ... ah, would if I did, watch those things with the stereo turned up with some good driving Southern Rock like Molly Hatchet (Flirtin' With Disaster, Long Tall Sally, It's All Over Now, etc.) roaring. An aptly named band as it was named after a legendary Southern prostitute- I believe y'all call 'em "hoes" today. :D

jackdog wrote:

Pretty impressive material, what is the weight per square ft.

The XCS-50 is 42 lbs. per sq. foot. Not exactly man-portable but then again I wouldn't want to be in contact with it when a .50 cal which carrys the kinetic energy of a Ford pick up truck slams into the other side. This stuff is designed for guard posts, CP's, fuel dumps and the like.

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