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Can We Women please.........

Should the 'Dangerous Flowers' sub-forum be private, and restricted to females only?  

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  1. 1. Should the 'Dangerous Flowers' sub-forum be private, and restricted to females only?

    • Yes, some ladies may feel intimidated to pose questions in a mixed environment
    • No, this is the internet and there is no guarantee of privacy
    • Maybe, only ladies should be able to start threads, and only registered members should view them

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have a Ladies forum on here?

I know at least four of us that want it and hopefully more, but Please can we have one just for us?

Call it The Coffee Shop or something but give us a place for us to hang our curtains and talk guns and ammo etc and babies and whatever is on our minds. :D

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Guest Natosha

I think this is a fantastic idea! I know sometimes it would be nice to just be able to chat about other things. Also it might get more women participating on the forum. Rather than just signing up and never posting. I know I am overwhelmed when I log on because there are so many things I haven't felt that I have a place here.

Think about it and Please help us out admins!!

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That's not an unreasonable request at all. Here's where the problem lies though... TGO is meant to be a place where gun owners of all backgrounds can come together, share knowledge and voice opinions. I believe that we would be remiss in that purpose if we tried to now segregate the membership into specific groups; such as if we were to have specific areas for different ethnic backgrounds, different political parties, etc... Since when it all comes down to it, all members will be able to view and post in public areas anyways, and this is not likely to change.

Please understand that I am not unequivocally saying a Ladies Forum will never be an option, since it is not entirely my decision anyways... but at this time there is no compelling reason why simply creating female-specific threads in the most relevant sub-forums for the topic one wishes to discuss would not suffice. In that, I can assure you that you will be treated fairly, and disrespect to sensitive or emotional topics which are posted will not be tolerated.

This suggestion will be noted for further discussion amongst the staff. In the future, when this site is large enough to encompass and support several smaller special-interest groups... demograph-specific areas may become an option.

We welcome further input in this... perhaps there is another means which could fill this niche? Since, it sounds like the real need is privacy... the messaging system on each member's profile can be used to discuss specific matters... or via pm?

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I, too, would like to see a women's gun forum...gentlemen more than welcome, of course! Some of us that are newer here automatically want to "zoom" into such a forum..it is actually very interesting the threads that us women can come up with. For some women, especially those new to guns, that may be their comfort zone, for the moment.

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I think a place where the softer folk can go and discuss their female things and guns is a good idea. I don't know how you would keep the men folk from just creating a new login as woman to look in on you, but hey what ever blows your skirt up.

Not my board but a special - for ladies only forum area wouldn't be bad. I don't think you would need a sub forum on every topic, just one where the women can go and do what women have always done. Gather together and bitch about us men.

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I agree, My wife has joined a few woman only forums and we may bring a few here if we had a place for them. Look at it this way , lots of forums have black powder or martial arts and different sub catagories, why not a "pink parlor" LOL seriously.

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I believe that we would be remiss in that purpose if we tried to now segregate the membership into specific groups

Eddie, to steal a phrase from a shoe company, JUST DO IT.

Give them a place. I ain't saying men should be banned, but a polite asking of men not to post should suffice.

There are several sub forums here that don't pull their weight anyway. If having an extra subforum is an issue rename one of the existing ones and stick those threads somewhere else.

You better come through for the ladies, I am sure it takes some courage on their part to be here and participate. Encourage them by giving them a special place of their own.

If you don't do it, I will lobby every man on here to PM your lovely wife about it.

I bet we can get her to make you comply. LOL

Com'n Ed do it for the ladies here.

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Guest Natosha

I don't think we are saying we want a specific place to post where men are not allowed or not welcome but just a place that we can chat with other women with our interest and ask advice with out it getting lost in a sea of post on the general board. Like, "Girls what have you found is the best carrying case for summer?" or we might want to say "Oh by the way my son, started walking today"

We would just like a place that the women can get to know each other better and support each other. It is hard to come on here and make a post and it get lost because there are not many women to post there opinions.

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Natosha hit the nail on the head, our post get lost amongst a lot of stuff. And I am not asking for it to be a ladies only forum necessarily, if men want to throw in some advice we definitely won't shy away from it, but we women can relate to each other in ways that men can't with us. Is that not true? Also a lot of us are still trying to learn this place, where as a lot of you men have been here for a long long time and pretty much keep up with everything. If women came on here and started out in the Ladies forum and then ventured out it would make it easier and they could still come back to shore via a lady's forum. So it doesn't mean we won't participate in the other forums.

As far as sending pm's, that would be a pain in the butt to have to try to communicate a particular subject to the different women on here. Where a thread will allow us to discuss something all together.

Also it's not like we would want different forums for different subjects but one forum where we can have whatever threads we want to start in there.

I don't think this is an unreasonable request but if you can't or won't then we will abide by your decision (lol like we would have a choice). I knew that it had been brought up before and it didn't get passed but I felt there was no harm in asking again. Sorry if I am making your job harder, that is not what was intended.

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I would love to see a womens section on here! We're not asking for a place that ONLY women could access....just a seperate area where us ladies could post and discuss issues that maybe the guys on here would not be interested in. I think that it would encourage more women to start posting that might not otherwise post.

I remember bringing up abortion and pro-life (which WAS related to the topic) in a thread in the off-topic section a few months ago and one of the Super Moderators (not to mention any names) threatened to close the thread. I remember him saying "Hey, this is a gun board folks." Of course that same Super Moderator is allowed to talk about anything he wishes, no matter how irrelevant to guns the topic may be. I was under the assumption that the off-topic section was open to anything "off-topic."

The point is, us ladies would very much like a section where we could discuss anything that we'd like to discuss. Whether it be guns and gun related issues, our kids, the weather, whatever.

I don't think this is too much to ask. Tungsten and MolonLabeTN......you guys both have women in your life that like to shoot.....ask them what they think about having a womens section on here. I'd be willing to bet that they'd like the idea.

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I'm gonna go against the grain and say that I disagree about a women's only sub-forum. Various reasons, one of which is because I don't think we need to segregate ourselves that way.

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We'll see how it works out. The ladies sub-forum is not restricted access or anything, and if it can provide a place for positive, relevant discussion it shouldn't create a problem.

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dariks, we are not wanting a place where that is the only place we go, I as well as I am sure other will want to be out in the other parts of the forum that we like but we just wanted a place that we can talk woman talk and things that don't pertain to men etc. We don't want a place to bash men, etc or a place that men can't come, we just want our own spot.

Thank you molonlabetn!!!!! And I like the name LOL

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Personally I don't mind if men want to come and give us advice when it pertains to things about guns etc, I mean they can't very well tell us how to breast feed our kids LOL but you get the point. If I had wanted to message board where men couldn't be part of I would have started a message board for just women, that's not what I want. I love the wealth of information here on TGO, I am happy to have a forum for us to post whatever we want to talk about, be it guns or crazy stuff.

So NO, I don't want the men kept out, so NO to restriction.

PS if there was any kind of restriction, if it won't be complicated an idea might be that only women can start them? But that all members can post to them after they are started? That is just a thought on my part.

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Its a good thing you have done Eddie! Way to go.

And Dotsun just cause you wear Cheryls skirts :woohoo: does not mean you should spend all your time on that subforum now. :rolleyes::up:

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