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Guest Natosha

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Guest Natosha

I thought I would start a brag thread for us mamas! I have to brag on my son!!!

He was born New Years Day 2007! He weighed 8lb 2oz and was 21 inches long. We tried to conceive for 28 months before getting pregnant. We had a long struggle but we were blessed with such a wonderful little boy.

He is definitely my pride and joy. I decided after he was born to stay at home for a year or so. Well as of now I really don't have any plans on going back to work. Unless the perfect job fell in my lap. But you know that rarely happens.

Anyway, he is 15 months old and running around everywhere. Here is a picture of him from yesterday playing in his nonnies (guns&dobes) yard!


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I would gladly share pics of my wee ones, but I never could get the hang of posting pics here!

Natosha...your son is precious!

Gunes and Dobes: I know your so proud of him!

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Natosha, Jude is beautiful!!! I can't wait to meet him in person! :rolleyes:

Here is my son, Cameron. He turned three years old this last January. He is my pride and joy, and the reason I carry 24/7.

He came late in my life, at 36 years old. I thought I wasn't able to have children after several years of trying to conceive with my first husband. Cameron is my miracle and I thank God for him every day.


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Guest Natosha

Well I don't know what happened to my post! I did post a reply! HAHAHA!

Packinmama- Cameron is sooooo handsome. What a beautiful name as well. I have always liked it. Do you call him Cam or Cameron? I know alot of people shorten it.

Angel- If you up load in photobucket you use the code with these brackets [ ]. Hope that helps. Welcome to the board. Glad you joined us flowers. hehehe!

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Natosha, Thank You :) I call him Cameron and Cam for short....I use both. His middle name is James (after my dad), so some people in my family call him C.J., and I think I will leave that up to him what he would prefer to be called when he's old enough to make that decision for himself. I think as his mom, he will always be Cameron to me ;)

I have a question about photobucket....maybe you or your mom can help me. Whenever I put a picture on there, it won't let me resize it. It shows up as a thumbnail picture only. When I first started my account, I was able to resize.....then about a month or so ago, they must have changed the software or something. I have dial-up, so maybe that's the problem? The only way I can get a full size picture on here is to put it on TGO's member gallery.

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Guest Natosha

I have never had a problem with photobucket, that being said I do all my resizing and editing with Photoshop so that could be why. I am not sure why it wont let you resize. I have heard of some other folks having problems.

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Guest GT_Rat

Pull up the image in Photobucket. You should be able to right click and select "Copy Link Location." Then come here to the thread you wish to post the image in and scroll down to the "Quck reply" box. Click the Yellow icon that looks like mountains with the sun above them. Right click in the text box that comes up and select "Paste." Then click OK, and Post Quck Reply, and your image should appear in your post.

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Angel, once you get the pictures uploaded you should have what looks like this picture. If you notice I have an arrow on it, what you need to do is click that line that I have the red arrow pointed at and it copies and then you come here and paste and it will put the code here for your picture to post.


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Your pic may be too big. I have had problems with big pics uploading to photobucket. The screens says loading but never does. After I resized the photo in photoshop, it would upload just fine. Hope this helps.

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Angel, your babies are very cute! It's really hard to see them well in those thumbnail images though. That's the same problem I have when I use photobucket. I can't resize them on there....all I can manage to get is a thumbnail image. I have been putting my pictures on the members gallery here on TGO and that seems to work better.....you might want to try that.

I also have to comment about your chihuahua in your avatar. He/she is a cutie! I have a small male that looks almost just like yours. I used to breed chihuahuas, but mine are old and retired now. I bred my pair for about 10 years and had many beautiful litters. Do you breed yours?

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We planned to. Asked everyone we knew, no one would come forth. He is registered. His name is Hercules. Because I have a full time job & two kids & a house to take care of, I gave him away to this wonderful women that loves him to death. She had another small dog & they get along so well. I miss him so much but, I know he needed alot more attention then he was getting. (he is an it now)hehehe

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Hi Angel, thanks for sharing pictures of your children, your son is very handsome and your little girl is beautiful.

I know what you mean about having pets and working, it is hard to give them the attention and care they need. I am not working outside the home now and have two doberman pinschers. I would not want to work a full time job and try to care for them because they need too much. I might consider a part time if I could get the right part time job.

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