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****AR Trigger Improvement kits $13****

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$13 Shipped


100% no fault guarantee. If you are not satisfied or it doesn't work as advertised I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.


These also work on AR-10's, MG's and most other AR15 style weapons. They work on Sig AR's including the 716.

How it works:

It works by applying pressure to the bottom of the rear of the trigger with a setscrew. This lifts the rear of your trigger up against the safety lever and preloads your trigger removing most, if not all, of the pre travel.

To check to see if this will help your trigger do this. Place your rifle on safe. Pull the trigger while it is on safe. The amount of movement is what will be removed by this kit.

What it does:
Creates a trigger that has a very short take up similar to a quality bolt action rifle
Installs in less than 10 minutes with basic hand tools
Increases accuracy potential by eliminating the take up in the trigger

What is doesn’t do:
Permanently alter your firearm
Decrease trigger pull
Create an unsafe firearm if installed properly


It works with standard triggers as well as some two stage triggers. It has been used on RRA 2 stage triggers and although it worked fine the factory trigger felt much crisper. It works well with reduced spring weights as well.

On an already safe, unmodified weapon, that is functioning correctly it is impossible for the trigger to be preloaded to a point where it is unsafe because the safety will be in the way. It does not change your trigger pull weight, only the amount of trigger travel before the weapon fires.

Honestly this idea is nothing new. What is new is the parts being packaged together and sold as a complete “kitâ€. You will no longer have to hacksaw or grind your factory parts and hope you get it right. This kit makes sure you get it right the first time without the need to alter your factory parts. And this entire kit is cheaper than a replacement grip screw.

We will only ship to the address in PayPal or the return address on the MO. This is only to protect the purchasers. If you want to send a MO please PM me or her (tulip) for the mailing address.

If you have any problems installing the kit PM either of us and a call will be made to help you out.

There will be a 100% guarantee on all parts we send as well as a satisfaction guarantee. If the parts you receive will not work or if you are not 100% satisfied with them return them for a full refund of the original purchase price. You will be out NOTHING!

The price is $13 shipped to the lower 48. The kit will include detailed instructions, the setscrew used to preload the trigger and a replacement custom length grip screw. Payments should be made through PayPal to xxxxxxxxxxxx Please do not add anything to the personal message or if you must please only use the word “triggerâ€.

You are buying goods so use that option in your PayPal payment. It provides protections for both of us. And it also makes sure WE cover the fees and not you. It also makes getting your address easier.

We will combine shipping. The cost for each additional kit in the same package is $10. So that is $23 shipped for two, $33 for 3, $43 for 4, so on and so forth.


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Works as described! I have them in 3 of mine. If you have a slidefire you need this!

Will this work in a M&P 22? I heard you need to tweak the trigger for it to work with the slide fire stock. I'm going to Florida and my uncle has one of those. Really wanted to give it a try.

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Will this work in a M&P 22? I heard you need to tweak the trigger for it to work with the slide fire stock. I'm going to Florida and my uncle has one of those. Really wanted to give it a try.

I am unsure if it will help. Dolomite might be able to answer that. But this part does NOT lighten the trigger pull and that is what is needed on some 15/22's for the slide fire to work. What it WILL do is shorten the travel and take out the slack of it. Making for VERY short reset!


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Hey! I won one of these in Dolomite's Christmas drawing, and it came today. I thought I'd post a review here, and give it a bump.


The directions are clear and concise. It is very simple to install. I feel a sizeable difference in the trigger versus the feel of the stock military two stage trigger. In my opinion, a great improvement at a very fair price!

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Thanks for the endorsement.


And in case those are contemplating on ordering don't know there is a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you ask for a refund you will get a refund with no hassle.



Thanks for the kit!

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I have these on 2 of mine, and soon a third. All aces.


Had come to take it for granted as "normal"  until I fired up newest AR in which I used the same CMMG lower kit as a previous one, and the new one without Dolo's improvement feels like real clunker by comparison.


- OS

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Just figured I'd bump this as we may have gained some members recently who are new to the AR platform.

If you don't have one, order one!

This is my review from last August.

"The trigger kit is absolutely amazing. Easy to install, ingeniously simple, and every bit as effective as advertised. After installation, my trigger has 0 creep now. I just place my finger and at the proper weight it breaks. The reset is very short and very noticeable. Overall, an excellent addition and one that I will add to every AR I own from here on out."

I won another one this last Christmas and passed it on to an AR newbie who has not completed his build yet. I expect hi, to be as please as I am. Seriously, this a a bargain at twice the price.

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bump for quick shipping!
Just need my dang lower build kit to arrive so I can try it out.

I just finished my first lower build tried the trigger before and after the kit, could definitely tell a difference, it now breaks like my Remington 700 sps.

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Thanks for the endorsement


And just so you know my kit improves any trigger with pre travel. I have installed them on two stage triggers with great results. They work on AR10's, machine guns as well as standard AR's. You will not find a kit like mine shipped for cheaper.

If you place your gun on safe and the trigger moves my kit will remove that movement. Doesn't matter the trigger type except the self contained units.

And they also help the bump fire stocks work better.

And did I mention there is a 100% no fault and no questions asked money back guarantee. If you ask for your money back you will get a refund.


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