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What shotguns will cycle those short home defense rounds?


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It occurs to me that those short home defense shotgun shells would be a great way to increase the capacity and reduce the recoil of an inexpensive pump shotgun. I don't currently own a 12ga pump for home defense because my wife can't handle the recoil.

I'm guessing these short shells have less felt recoil? Is that true? Will the Mossberg/Maverick/Pardner/870 shotguns cycle them? Oh, and where can I buy these short shells? Edited by jgradyc
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It all depends on the shotgun, some work and some don't. I know the Mossberg 500 I had would hiccup on them.

I would just grab some low brass target loads and use them. No need for slugs or 00 buck at the distances inside a home. Birdshot is very devastating inside of 15 yards. Another advantage is overpenetration is not going to be an issue. A slug will go through the bad guy, a few walls of your home, exit and cross the street or field then go through a few more walls and likely go through another body before stopping.

I generally use a mix of low recoil (yeah right) 00 buck and #4 steel shot. I recently added some slugs just to change things up a bit.

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According to Aguilla, they work very well in the Winchester 1300 for which they were deseigned. Aguilla also says they will work in some Mossbergs but not 870's. I had an IAC (870) clone that they workded in but you had to be firm and fast on the pump. Evidently Aguilla's sight is down or I'd post the link.
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its the barrel. Inside the barrel of the typical semi auto shotgun is a gas port and that gas is what cycles the gun. You can have a gunsmith bore them out to cycle very, very weak loads. The barrels rated for short 12 ga will cycle short 12 ga. unless very weak ammo, and a gunsmith can enlarge the holes to cycle the weak stuff but stouter ammo will recoil a lot more after doing that.

Semi auto action reduces the recoil a lot. Put on an improved recoil pad and the gun is fairly gentle with typical short 12ga shells.

I assume by short you mean the 2.75 or whatever standard ammo. If the ammo is nonstandard, you may need to lighten up the springs inside as well as modify the barrel to cycle stuff that is weaker than the regular weak ammo.
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I would recommend a 20 or 410 gauge that feeds every time long before I would recommend these pint-sized shells that only feed half the time, especially since you don't already own a 12 gauge that you are looking to "tame" so to speak.

Also if your wife is really recoil sensitive, but you really want her to be able to shoot a shotgun, you might consider a Knoxx recoil reducing stock in addition to getting a smaller gauged shotgun.

However most everyone should be able to shoot a 410 with absolutley no difficulties what so ever, I was 6 years old when I got my first 410 shotgun and I had no trouble even at that young of age.
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[quote name='Jonnin' timestamp='1352913116' post='845530']
....I assume by short you mean the 2.75 or whatever standard ammo. ...[/quote]

I got that the thread is about the "mini shells" ?

[img]http://www.gunguyonline.com/images/aguila%20mini%20shells162922.jpg[/img] Edited by OhShoot
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Ok a few things. The short shells are sending lead down at the same speed as full size shells (1200fps). They have the same power per ball. They also should produce the same amount of gas that powered a semi auto shotgun. The feeding issue is the length of the shell itself. The chamber is not designed to properly guide and feed the shorter shells. For home defense I would feel comfortable using them as they are equally powerful but only in a break action gun. I would not risk a jamb when I needed a second shot. 
As for your recoil concerns: A 20 gauge shotgun often come in a smaller size frame. If it weighs less then the 12 gauge frame there is no less recoil.
A 410 is an excellent option provided she can shoot it accurately. It fires 000 buck and slugs at 1200 FPS making it equally as affective per Equally sized projectile, just often there are less or they are slightly smaller .. smaller is relational, keep in mind a 410 slug is the same  size  as a 45 caliber handgun.    
Rossi makes a revolver action carbine that can be loaded with 410 shells or 45 long colt pistol rounds. Very little recoil and as the 45 rounds are only pushing 950 FPS it also is quite. This is nice for helping someone who has not grown up shooting to feel comfortable as they learn and practice.  
keep in mind..... because I am skilled,  trained, and firearms are second nature for me,I am just as  secure protecting myself with a 22 rim fire as a 12 gauge shotgun... being trained and confident always out weighs size of your gun

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On 2/2/2020 at 11:52 PM, hipower said:

Interesting. Anyone here ever try one?

I have used that OpSol accessory in my Mossberg 590A1 with excellent results.  Never a single malfunction with the Aguila as well as off brand mini shells.  That led me to getting a Mossberg Shockwave.  I bought the tax stamp and made that a SBS.  I train regularly with that SBS with the mini shell adapter in place.  That SBS is dedicated now for mini shells. I cannot recall a single malfunction. The 590A1 now runs the full size shells, the SBS the mini shells.

I have read and then proved it to myself by alternating between my full size 12 gauge and the Mossberg 20 gauge I purchased for my son that the recoil is not lighter, in my opinion, on a 20 gauge.  The gun is lighter and was easier for my young son to handle and hold on target, but that lighter mass translated to the same recoil I felt in my heavier 12 gauge.

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