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Important Reminder About TGO Trading Post Policies

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Our policies about the TGO Trading Post bear repeating.  Pay attention, especially if you are new here!



TGO's trading post is largely recognized as one of the BEST ways for individuals to buy, sell and trade firearms and accessories via private party transactions. Our trading post generates perhaps more traffic than the rest of the site and has proven itself to be a tremendous bargain for the seller and a great resource for the buyer. We are extremely proud of that and continually look for ways to improve the experience for everyone involved.

To that end, the Staff and I have decided to implement the following updates to the Trading Post policies.

Fraud Zero Tolerance Policy:
Updated November 4, 2011

Effective immediately, anyone who fails to complete an agreed-upon transaction within seven (7) business days will be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to loss of access to the Trading Post and a temporary or permanent ban from the TGO community. Further, the TGO Staff will cooperate with any civil or legal action taken against any party who defrauds another.

The only exception to the seven (7) business day guideline will be if both parties agree, in written form via public response to a Trading Post thread, that an extension of the deadline is acceptable.

Do not post an item for sale or trade until you are committed to parting with it.

Do not agree to buy or trade for something until you are committed to doing so and have all of the resources (money, items, etc.) necessary to complete the deal.

While there are legitimate exceptions to completing a transaction, it will be at the sole discretion of the TGO Staff as to whether the reason was valid when a transaction is aborted.

Sale Interference Zero Tolerance Policy:
Updated November 4, 2011

Effective immediately, anyone who makes a public reply to a Trading Post thread that is designed to interfere with the sale will lose their right to participate in the Trading Post and may receive a temporary or permanent ban from the TGO community.

Examples are replies stating that an item can be found cheaper elsewhere, that a price is too high, that you have a similar item for sale for less, etc. If you wish to haggle, do it privately with the seller. No one cares what you think about the price or availability of an item. Keep those remarks to yourself or forfeit your right to participate.

In closing I want to make several observations...

First, any online sales venue where private parties exchange goods -- be it TGO's Trading Post, Craigslist, eBay, etc. -- works solely on the element of trust in your fellow man. Money exchanges hands, sometimes preemptively, because we feel that we can trust the individual on the other side of the computer screen. I am grateful that TGO has had an excellent record in that regard. However when that trust is violated, there must be consequences and I am committed to ensuring that the consequences (a.) protect future buyers/sellers and (b.) are painful for the person who violated that trust.

As a buyer or a seller, your word is only as good as your last transaction. Keep that in mind and always strive to protect your reputation by carrying through on every transaction in a timely manner.

Second, and in conjunction with the above, I want to encourage everyone to use GOOD COMMUNICATION at all points of a transaction. Describe items for sale as accurately as possible. Do not over-sell the quality of an item if it has blemishes. Be honest and forthright.

Also make sure that you stay in communication with the other party in a transaction. If there will be delays, communicate that to the other party publicly per the rules listed above. In this age of e-mail, cellular phones and Internet forums, there simply are very few valid excuses for not being able to communicate delays to the other person and therefore we will be extremely hard to persuade that you couldn't.

As always if you have questions or concerns, feel free to PM me or another Staff member privately to discuss.



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