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Several Types of Magazines Needed

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I am looking for several different magazines. I have looked online for them but I figured I would see if any fellow TGO members could help me out in my search

So here is what i am looking for.


1 Springfield XD9 Subcompact 16 round magazine. (9mm)

1 Springfield XD9 Subcompact 13 round magazine. (9mm)

1 Smith&Wesson SW40VE Sigma series 14 round magazine. (.40 cal)

2 Kahr CW9 7 round magazine. (9mm)

1 Phoenix Arms HP22 10 round magazine, it can be extended base or original. (.22)

1 Smith&Wesson M&P 15-22 AR magazine, 25 round. (.22)


Just to put this out there. I am not in any means trying to flip these. I just would really like an extra magazine for my guns and now I am wishing I had got on this sooner.


The number beside the type is just the minimum I would like to have, so if you have like two or 3 give me a shout. I hate wasting time at the range loading my magazines.

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Try CDNN. One of the better sources of mags I've found. I ordered extras for mine the day of the Newtown Shooting. Won't tell what I spent, but I now have what I consider minimun number of mags for every semiauto I own. Also got a few extra Pmags at the same time.

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i just got a black dog machine magazine from their website, http://blackdogmachinellc.net


It took three weeks but unfortunately they are not taking orders on their website for a while.  They make top quality mags for the S&W M&P 15-22/Sig 522/ and other 22 rifles.

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I don't know if this will help or not...

but I've set up e-mail notifications with Midway.usa and Brownell's over the past month or so for various magazines.

 Midway limits you to 2 magazines...but I've been able to pick up extra mags for my Glocks, AK, and even my 422 S&W at pre-madness prices.


Midway won't let you backorder, and those things move fast.

Brownell's will let you backorder quite a few items, but not everything.


Good Luck.

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So i have set up email notifications at several websites trying to get these magazines. Every time i get the notification and I make it to the site they are gone. So ill bump this up hoping ill get lucky with one of y'all. I don't mind it being shipped. Its only 5.80 for shipping using the flat rate priority mail boxes the usps has. Most sites want to charge me 10 or more for shipping and handling which jacks the price up on their "good deal". 


So if you have an extra hit me know or know someone who does let me know please.

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You're welcome TnDelta.


Gunbot is a useful tool. But some items go really fast. Others, not so fast.


It helps to have accounts already set up with vendors you may purchase from. It speeds things along a bit.


Hang in there Brother. :up:

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