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Nullifying NFA/Class 3 laws.

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How does everyone feel about th eidea of nullifying NFA/Class 3 laws so you could just walk to the nearest gun shop and buy a suppressor or full auto whatever without any more hassle than is involved with buying a pistol?


I'm having a discussion with a friend right now, just wondering what everyone feels about this.

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Well considering that this is a gun forum from a class3 friendly state I'd be shocked if any one was against the idea. The laws are unconstitutional at best and tyrannical at worst.

The idea that FA weapons or sir pressed weapons are somehow more dangerous than any other is IMO laughable.
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Id buy a suppressor and build an sbr AR-15 in 300 blkout tomorrow, if it was as easy as buying or building anything else..

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My friend's proposal to replace the current system while keeping the SPIRIT of the law in place, public safety/PIECE OF MIND for the sheep.


"basically I'd have to take an additional course and get proof of it and take that to the court house that issued my CCW. They would issue me a New CCW with the Automatic Weapon endorsement on it. I would HAVE to have this and provide it upon attempting to purchase an automatic weapon. I would also have to keep a copy of my "Training Certification" in the safe where the weapon(s) are to be stored. Other than that there would be a database solely for automatic weapons that would have the info entered for my purchase within 24 hours. If I wanted to sell of transfer it in any way It would have to go through an FFL and the transferee would also have to have the same endorsement in order to receive it from me."

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How does keeping a database in your friends theory create safety or peace of mind?
If I wanted to go on a full auto suppressed rage fest with my gun I doubt it would matter much to me whether or not I had a copy of the training certificate with me. Sounds like your friend doesn't want to change much except make it easier to get a hold of them. Nothing about the law now or as proposed would make the weapons, or who has them, safer (have you been to a concealed carry class and felt safer afterwards because those people passed a short test?)
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Better than what we've got I suppose. I so find it ironic that folks in England have to jump through more hoops to have a firearm than they do to buy a suppressor. Suppressors in the UK are no registered and not even really controlled at all. You stop by your local shop, pick the one you want, lay your money down and go home that day with your new toy in tow.

Isn't it ironic, don't ya think?
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He is of the view that suppressors shouldnt be any more difficult to buy than a pistol or rifle. I am as well. We are both on the same page that autos shouldnt be as ridiculous to get but somehow we should maintain the ability to keep a lid on them so they ont become common on the street, and then into the wrong hands as easily.

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He is of the view that suppressors shouldnt be any more difficult to buy than a pistol or rifle. I am as well. We are both on the same page that autos shouldnt be as ridiculous to get but somehow we should maintain the ability to keep a lid on them so they ont become common on the street, and then into the wrong hands as easily.

How is that logic any different than saying the same for semi-autos now. Are you ok creating a database for your glock 19 or ruger sp101? After all ... if doing so with autos will help keep them out of the bad guys hands why not keep the current guns out of bad guys hands so easily?
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We should be able to own any NFA without any questions or registration if you can own a gun in the first place. Anyone should bd able to own anything unless they have proven to be violent, misdemeanor or felony. A person who has a non violent feliny should have the sand access to any other citizen.

If not then I wish they could automate/digitize the NFA process like for buying title 1 firearms. They could make so much revenue if a person could walk in, buy and walk out with your items.

I wish all NFA wasn't regulated at all but they are always going to be regulated to some degree even though they should not be.

I wish some pro gun representative would push for a repeal of the Hughes amendment. Then a push for suppressors to be an "over the counter" item, esoecially ti save the hearing if shooters. Maybe we need to start emailing representatives about that next.

Even if it still cost $200 I would spend thousands to make sure every gun I own is FA capable if I was allowed to.

Removing suppressors from any type of NFA requirement should be a no brainer. It used to be courteous to shoot with a suppressor 100 years ago. Then the progressives began the process of regulating firearms and accessories.

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I agree with Dolomite. We should be able to own them all with no regulation as long as we are responsible citizens. You act a fool and then you can be regulated.

I'm just trying to make the point that no matter what we are "allowed", when you're talking weapons, evil can (and I might argue will) be done with them. Whether knife, gun, baseball bat, or human hands. There's no need making me jump thru hoops or carrying around a silly piece of paper to own one.
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If not then I wish they could automate/digitize the NFA process like for buying title 1 firearms. They could make so much revenue if a person could walk in, buy and walk out with your items.


The real question is why hasnt this been done. It would "help" both sides if nothing changed regulation wise. Computer databases are easier/cheaper to monitor and maintain than paper files. More accurate too. And I mena...How great would it be able to just walk in and buy a SBR(which again is dumb to to have as a NFA item..especially when they make pistols...LOL)

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Guest 6.8 AR

It's only the basis of constitutionality that matters much to me, but that is the test I apply even to Social Security.

Some of you probably figured I would get in on this thread because I have argued this for a long while. There is

no argument for the National Firearms Act, any of it, except an emotional one. There is no reasonable or logical

argument to be made to support any of the firearm laws presently on the books, with maybe one: felons, and

that is covered by laws other than the NFA. The 2wnd Amendment can stand on it's own, and does, with only

unlawful infringments by unlawful acts according to the Constitution.


All one has to do is understand the lawmaking ability by Congress and what limits it:enumerated powers. There

is no enumeration allowing the Congress to infringe a constitutional amendment, and that should be justification

to have those laws annulled. But try getting more than two or three, even around here to agree on that.


Market pressures caused by the NFA have allowed a phony argument to get into the mix. When a law allows or

causes a condition that makes something more valuable, like in the arena of class 3 weapons, it gives some a

phony argument to keep an unconstitutional act their "reason" to exist. The value of their weapons would possibly

drop overnight. We can't have that. Some little thing called the US Constitution can just rot in Hell if it will affect

the value of something of mine, regardless of everyone's rights in the Bill of Rights.


But, for a more practical matter, getting one or two lawmakers to agree that the Constitution is being infringed on,

that will affect their win or loss at the poll is the sickening part. It tells me nothing will happen, but that won't make

me shut up about it. What is right, or just, just happens to mean something to me, and this is tyranny from way back.


I'd love to be optimistic about this, but it takes more than just a few to accomplish.

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But ...
sounds so much scarier than
bang bang bang bang bang bang bang


Ha, I will admit that it is.  In fact, in my experience bang bang bang is less scary than bangbangbang or simply one bang.

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I think NFA items should be sold just as regular firearms are. I feel it should be nullified because if you can buy anything semi auto and up to a 50 BMG already under the current background checks for non-NFA items, you'd clear the FBI check anyway.


I believe the NFA process was put in to place just to make it more difficult and more expensive to discourage folks from buying these firearms and other related items, which is unconstitutional in my opinion.

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When the Brits were coming for the Patriots arms is was not only rifles they wanted it was the cannon we had.

The Patriots used ships owned by privet Patriots, the Brits wanted them as well.

Thus the 2nd Amendment was written as it is, we have the right to own what ever is

available to Government, it was written to defended the country from who ever was trying to take it.

Ether from inside or from outside the country.

All that said anything short of NO firearm laws in an infringement on the 2nd!

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Actually, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to do that under the laws that Congress passed.  The CLEO signature, fingerprints, photo and wait are all required by regulations created by BATF, not required by the NFA, GCA, or other law.

All that is required by the actual NFA, GCA, etc is LEO approval (NICS or TICS check?  Duh.) and the appropriate tax or $200 or $5.


But, I agree.  Ideally, you should be able to walk into WalMart, Bass Pro, or wherever with cash, and walk out with a M-240, M-249, M-4, or similar firearm without filling out any forms or submitting to interrogation.


As for the blatantly un-Constitutional '86 Hughes amendment banning us from new manufactured machine guns, there is no valid reason for it to continue.  There is no better example of an un-Constitutional Law than that one.  The Supreme Cort has ruled several times that the specific type of weapon explicitly protected by the Second amendment are those suitable for military use.

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