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I'm a daddy!!!!

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Thanks guys!! My wife is doing great, girls are a lot tougher than we give them credit for hahahhaha she is up walking around I looks silly pushing an empty wheelchair with us everywhere but I really don't like her walking long distances so better safe than sorry....we had her at 0110 and at 1500 we were in the jeep headed to vandy my parents drove up from florida yesterday so everyone is here making sure everyone is taken care of
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Congrats Knoxrocks... (And to all the other new dads). I echo all the other sentiments, too. My "baby" girl will be 32 this year. The time flies by, yours will be In grade school next week and out of college and married in the month after that. At least it seems that fast.
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Congrats. Girls are great when dating starts. Always invite guys over to shoot before an UN-chaperoned date then put up 6 clay pigeons at 30 feet and let them see how hard they are to hit. Then take your turn at the same targets, and shoot 3 strong handed and 3 off handed as fast as you can accurately do it. The look on there face is priceless. My daughters are 18&20. This still works. <br /><br /><br />JTM<br />Sent from my iPhone
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They are are the best and a real challenge, at the age of 13 you are the smartest man in the world. At the age of 14 you are dumber than a box of rocks.


Congratulations, those little's Girls are the best. I waited 46 years for mine to enter my life.

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Congratulations.. I became a first time dad back in Nov.. Santa brought her an acrylic Rich n Tone Born On duck call for Christmas. Grandma and Granddad got her a lifetime sportsman for Christmas. I have her a NIB 10/22 Carbine and 2 - 25 rd mags bought up for her 1st birthday (her mom, my loving wife said I was a nut).. I know we are bad parent but Ooo well... Life changing event, The past 4 months have been the best 4 months of my life.. They only grow up once, and boy it is flying by.. Again Congratulations..

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I am buying a lifetime sprotsmans license when we get back to west tn, I figure ill do that and the oppertunity will be there when the time comes iv got one and I buy them for all my friends sons and daughters....if they don t ever use it oh well but I'd they do it will be that much easier for them
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Very cool, bout time for some good news.

Now the bad news, she will grow up, get very pretty, boys chaseing her, you growing gray hair

chaseing the boys away.

But that is in more than a few years, CONGRATS!!!

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Well my daughter Riley was born 3/19/13 at 0110 she was 8 lbs 12oz and 24 inches long!! I'm 6"4 and my wife is 6"1 so she has some growing to do haha. We 're here at vandy in the nicu, she had some trauma to her head from the suction thing the doctor used, and her cord was wrapped twice around her neck. It wasn't pulled tight, and she wasn't blue or anything just tangled up. She is doing much better now and the swelling on her head has gone down....iv had about 4 hours sleep in the past 2 days. They also have been cooling her core temp. Kinda like an induced hypothermia it basicly makes the body send blood to the vital organs in the body that may have been starved of oxygen during birth due to the chord being wrapped around her neck.

I bought her a pink .22 a while back from gander a while back and iv got lots of rounds sealed up so when she gets old enough we can get out in the yard and I can show her how to shoot just like my dad did me!!

Congratulations!!! I'll spare you all the advice like people gave me. But I will tell you it'll be the most rewarding event in your life!!!


Also i'm sure you know by now that while the NICU is a great place for a baby to be, it still sucks. Hope she gets to come home soon!

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Please add my congratulations to the list.  A child is a life-changing event.  You will find that you have an infinite capacity for love, you will get the highest of highs and the lowest of lows from a child.  When they are happy, YOU are happy.  When they hurt, YOU hurt.  And now, I'm finding that the love I have for my child is matched and maybe even exceeded by my love for the grandkids.  If you think you're busting with pride now, just wait 'til the grandkids come along!


All my best to you and yours -- and may the Good Lord bless your family.

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Well they started warming her up last night and today she is at100% she is also the giant of the NICU haha 2 feet long and almost 10lbs she still so tiny though. As for when she starts dateing ill have about 5 watermellons set up in the years and when I see him pull in ill just let loose with my AK on em and then when he gets out ill explain how a watermellon acts like a human head when shot......them ask him if he would like some brains
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