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Please HELP...45 cal Glock


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For those of you who have seen some of my posts, I'm new to the handgun world. I've found a slightly used 1 owner .45cal Glock Generation 1 full service handgun for $450.00. It comes with a 13 & 10 rd mag., night sights, ported barrel, and holster. Is this a good deal for a used gun? I've looked at prices for new .45 Glocks and they're over $500.

Seems like a good deal to me but I don't want to buy blind and I know that you guys would help me out. Also, what are some of the things that I should look at when purchasing a used gun?

Guys, thanks in advance for any help. I trust the comments on this forum a lot.


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Model 21?



I'm assuming a 21 since you said 'service.'

You can get a brand new 21 for $500.

Just because the tag says $550 doesn't mean you have to pay that. :)

In fact, the prices are about the same for the 30 and 36 as well.

Heh, shameless peddling, Glock!!!! That's not a bad deal, though. I bet you'd take $375 what with the gas prices now, huh? :(


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Honestly, thats sounds kinda high for a 1st Gen gun period! If...well....there is a 1st Gen gun.....anyway, it does sound high priced to me!

But on the other hand, this doesnt:



Disregard this post(except for the link). I was thinking he wanted $500 for the gun, not the $450.....oops:D

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Heh, shameless peddling, Glock!!!! That's not a bad deal, though. I bet you'd take $375 what with the gas prices now, huh? :(


If he'd take $400 for it would that be a better deal? Of course, this all depends on if I like the gun when I shoot it...

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Hey Pokey,

First off the only Glocks that came with 1st Gen frames were the 17, 17L, 18 and the 19....Looks like you have a 2nd gen 21 on your hands. Id wouldnt pay any more than $400 OTD for it myself.......Shove $375 in his face and see what he'll do :(. Good luck, youll love it.

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Guest Tommy Ferguson Jr.

Does it fit your hands? Shoot it first. I dont thinkyou need a ported barrel, but that's not that big a deal. Lots of people (myself included:D ) can replace all your springs, etc. for very little. It won't NEED it but may give you peace of mind. Shoot it first! Glock 21s are big guns.

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I don't think I'd give over $250 for a 2nd Generation G21. The 3rd Generation adds the accessory rail and finger grooves on the grip front strap. The 21's are honkin big ass guns and really live up to the Glock's unfortunate reputation as feeling like a "block" in your hands.

For not much more than the asking price you listed, you could get a brand new G21 'SF' with the new slimmer frame. It's not that much slimmer, but it does fit the hand a little better. Still a really big gun.

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For a product line which has built its reputation on simplistic dependability, I am amazed that Glock ever offered ported barrels as an option in anything but their 'practical' models...

Oh well...

But, take Tommy's advice, make sure that the grip fits your hands, and the angle of it points naturally... Those are usually the only 2 complaints about Glocks (from an ergonomic standpoint), especially the large-frame 20s & 21s.

As to the price, I've seen new G21s peddled from anywhere in the mid $600 range (21SF with n/s), to down right around $500... Refurbed and used 3rd gen guns are usually in the mid $400s. An older model shouldn't be any more than that... but if in good condition, not necessarily much less. Because, many people prefer the early gen 2 guns without the finger-grooves.

The price he's asking is pretty fair, though a bit high (depending on the type of holster, and if the n/s still work), but you could probably get it for a bit less...

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If the XD had finger-grooves, I wouldn't like it nearly as much (probably)... I do like feel of finger-groove Hogue grips on Sigs, Berettas, Hi-Powers and 1911s though...

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