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TC Hawken 50cal Muzzleloader, discontinued?


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I recently picked up a TC Hawken 50cal muzzle loader that has never been shot sitting in the original box unassembled. Past owner thinks he might have bought it about 10-15 years ago.

I decided to look up some info on it and noticed the online shops list it as discontinued.

Anyone know how to date this thing by the serial number or at least know the last year they made these?

It is the model 5024 that takes caps.




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Are these going to be worth anything since they're discontinued, or should I just go ahead and shoot it? :shrug:


Last online prices I could find put them selling new close to $800. Do you happen to know the current value on a NIB Hawken 50cal like this one? I wouldn't want to shoot it if it is collectable now. :up:


I got a box with powder, caps, lead balls, powder horn, powder measure, etc., with it, so if it isn't I'll go break it in soon!   :hyper:

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I probably wouldn't shoot it if I owned it. Being discontinued, it will only go up in price, especially for one still "in the box." Whether it was discontinued because of the retail price or because most people buying black powder seem to buy the in-line models, I don't think matters. However, I think it will be a long while before it's value really starts to appreciate. I bought a used one, still in great condition, from a pawn shop about a one and a half years ago. It ran me less than two bills, including the tax.

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I'm on the fence on if I want to keep it as a collectable and not shoot it, say screw it and shoot it because they're fun and I like the stinky smell if BP, or sale it to fund another gun I'm not worried about devaluing if I shoot it. :shrug:


I got a "range box" he called it with a ton of extras as well.


Any suggestions? lol

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If it were me, I would sell it for one heck of a "bundle deal", or sell the range box and put away the Hawken for my grand children to enjoy. T/C's line of muzzleloaders as well as Knight and a few others self destructed their product lines with high prices. I'm somewhat of a local expert on traditional muzzleloaders, and I would probably give 250 to 350 at most for the Hawken. The range box I don't know. Not too many of us old "Traditional" guys left. Most folks destroy accuracy with "three pellets" down the barrel and have no clue what to do with lose powder. Throw a price on it and see.


Are the powder cans full?


Dave S

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I have a similar wooden range box, mine was my great grand fathers, I keep all of my firearm cleaning supplies & specialty tools in it.

It's a bit heavy/unwieldy to drag back/forth to the range but they are neat none the less considering they are what folks used prior to switching over to "range bags".

Iffin you want I can try to get a hold of my buddy, might take awhile he spends most of his time at reinactments around the country, but he'd know all there was to know about what that stuff would be worth & could probably give you a name & # of someone looking for one.
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Maybe keeping the Hawken would be a good idea. I doubt you'll ever see a ban on muzzleloaders!

Dave S

Plus they are just plain fun!

I love shooting BP, they used to be a lot cheaper to shoot, but then again I used to cast/mold my own bullets back then too, but BP was dirt cheap & plentiful, now it's not only hard to find it's kind of pricey when you do find it.

I've been shooting Pyrodex when I can't find actual BP, it's not too terrible but its not quite the same either.

Wish I could find my melting pot & molds, they disappeared a few years ago while in storage & I think that they (along with a few other things) might have walked off with the help of some of my in-laws who were also sharing the storage unit space *sigh*.
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The price was $389 back when it was bought locally, so after tax it was probably around $400.

The powder cans are full and unused as is a bunch of the stuff in the box.

That said, I've decided I'd rather sale it to fund another firearm.

First person willing to meet locally (Nashville, Murfreesboro, Old hickory) with $400 cash gets the TC and Range Box with all the goodies you see. :up:

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There you go. That should get some action! Put it over in classifieds and let her rip! I'm going to Florida next month to "march for Trayvon", or I'd buy it. That's a deal!!
Dave S

I posted it for sale (in the wrong forum and don't know how I managed to do that lol, but sent pm to have it moved) just a second ago. :up:


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