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hi point 9mm carbine

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If the current TS ("tactical") 9mm version, probably in the box seat area of ball park even assuming low mileage.


Bud's last price was $284 new + transfer/TICS and the last one I saw new at gun show was something in the $275 range also, plus tax/tics, though they were about $230 pre Sandy Hook.


They're still way proud of them on GunBroker.


Thing is, they're relatively hard to find, so it's hard to really say.


- OS

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Same here> I have seen a few, Mostly .40 and .45 going for around 325. The 9mm, being the most rare I believe usually goes for around 349. That being said, I just bought one of the old style for 2 bones and a TS stock and mag straight from "mom" for 55 bucks.

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Ugly? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yeah! I love mine, It is accurate as hell and a blast to shoot. Add a cheap red dot, a light and an AFG and you have all the tacticool zombie slaying badassery you can stand for less than $350. Then you figure in the lifetime of the gun no questions warranty and you can't loose. I love mine :up: :usa:

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I'm trying not to buy a keltec sub 2000. I really want a PCC.

Aw, they're not mutually exclusive, get either when ya can.

I love the KT subbie, only KT firearm I own. Was just shooting it yesterday. But also own the HP carbine too, original Planet of Apes model, love it too, like ya do a fugly ole dawg.

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I liked my 'Planet of the Apes' HP 9mm.  It was accurate and ate pretty much anything.  A couple of years ago, though, I traded it at the LGS for a barely used one with the TS stock that already had a red dot mounted (I couldn't have ordered a TS stock and bought even a cheap red-dot for the $$$ I put with my old one to get one already set up.)  I wanted the built-in rail to mount a light and/or laser.  Ended up going with a light/laser combo.


Ugly? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yeah! I love mine, It is accurate as hell and a blast to shoot. Add a cheap red dot, a light and an AFG and you have all the tacticool zombie slaying badassery you can stand for less than $350. Then you figure in the lifetime of the gun no questions warranty and you can't loose. I love mine :up: :usa:


Heh, I went with a light/laser combo and a folding forward grip but, yeah - mine is the closest thing to a 'tacticool' gun that I own.  When I got the laser dialed in and first tested it out - using a zombie head target, of course (one that I found online and printed) - I was really impressed.  The target was printed on 8.5X11 so the 'head' was probably about 3/4 scale.  Ten rounds made one ragged hole in the target's forehead from about 15 yards.


Whoever mounted the red dot got it right.  In good light, if f I place the 'dot' right on the front sight then line the front sight on target I can get results nearly as good as with the laser - as in almost one, ragged hole from 15-20 yards.  It would probably do even better in the hands of a more skilled shooter.

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I keep telling myself no but I'm probably going to end up with an original 995 so I can put the ATI stock on it and have a cheaper version of the Beretta Storm


I have shot one with the ATI stock and it was pretty nice but, honestly, I like the TS stock better.  The built-in accessory rail on the fore-end of the TS is nice.  One thing I really like about the TS (although I haven't gotten around to ordering any, yet) is that Hi-Point offers mag holders that install in the skeletonized buttstock.  You can install one on each side and have two extra mags onboard.  As the only thing remotely close to a complaint I have about the HP carbine is that they don't offer factory mags larger than ten rounds, the option of having two extra mags on the gun - for a total of 30 rounds 'on board' - is a nice one.

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Started with the planet of the apes, paid 175 lnib, switched to the storm knock off stock and now have the ts.


I think the ts stock is the most comfortable and for the new models, the clip and pin system makes it easy to break it down


Great little carbine once it and the mags are broken in, fun to shoot and can be amazingly accurate out to 100y in the right hands...


The  10 round capacity is a downside if you're using it in a 3 gun match, but for its purpose and the fact that mags are cheap, it works. 

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For the money, the HP carbines can't be beat. I have the 9mm model with the TS stock...that's what finally got me to buy one. I never could pull the trigger on the purchase of one with the planet of the apes style stock.  

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So, if I can get a TS model... the one that comes with a scope... NIB for around $280... think that would be good at this point in time?


I've really been Jones'ing for a 9mm carbine... never really considered Hi Point after having two of the old style ones that weren't worth a damn. But the TS version LOOKS kinda cool... kinda.

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I had one of the "Planet of the Apes" ones and it was a good little rifle!  I regret selling it.  As long as I stuck with Hi-Point made mags it was very dependable.  Any other mag and it ran like crap.  It was also a PITA to break down and clean,  but as OS told me on several posts, who ever breaks one down? :)

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You've obviously never owned a carbine

I've played with them, enough. They're not as heavy as their pistol counterpart BUT that being said they're still a single stack magazine carbine, kinda defeats the purpose in my own philosiphy of use of a carbine but then I can't speak for everyone. I'm not saying they're not a combat worthy weapon, it's just my own opinion and for not much more money, one can have many more options that are superior in not only design but functionality. Again, just my own  :2cents: , nothing more, nothing less. 

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