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Explain why you married the women you did.


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I got tired of having sex daily or more often. :)

Because I love her.

We had a baby....still not sure if she is the real mom....

Met her. Decided to reenlist to go to Alaska with her, got stationed 300 miles from her. Twisted her arm to marry me and save me from Fairbanks. She reluctantly agreed. We've made it 17 years this month.

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She cuts my hair.... No seriously

We met at church and I couldn't keep my eyes off her, we started talking and dated for 4 years, October 15 will make 2 years we've been married. I wouldn't say we share so many common interests but we definitely share a lot of values. She makes me a better man. She's my best friend. Edited by tennessee01tacoma
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I can't honestly answer this.


She monitors my online communications.






However, I will admit, and not because I am at gunpoint, or that my life is in danger; that my life is better with her in it.

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Regretfully, I toyed with a lot of women's hearts when I was younger and in better physical condition. She was the first woman who wouldn't take any of my crap. Despite her education and success she can't be very bright, because she is still married to me after two and a half decades. Must be trying to win a bet. :) Edited by LINKS2K
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Well, the title of the thread says "women". I'm still on my first, so it's "woman". I met my wife in junior high, and we're still together. On the 28th of August, we celebrated our 39th anniversary! I could not imagine life without her. We'll be starting a new phase of our lives together in the spring when we move to Florida. Our plan is to repeat our vows on the beach with a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico for our 40th anniversary! Hot Diggity! I love ya baby!



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Knocked her up, seemed like the right thing to do...


Especially when she gave me one of two options.


(1) You can marry me and I'll make your life a living hell for the next 21 years, or...


(2) You can NOT marry me, and I'll make sure you spend the next 21 years in the homeless shelter and your employment will consist of selling pencils on the city sidewalk :stunned:


Of course I'm just joking.

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I got tired of being free and having disposable income...

Liar Liar pants on fire........... :wave: You can't fool me cause I know ya............Your crazy about her and you know it........... :rofl: :rofl:

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Guest bluecanary25

I asked my wife to marry me on our second date. I was the best decision I have ever made.

What's the real reason??  We can wait for her to leave the room.....  :shhh:


I got married cuz I wuz young and naive, she got me all liquored-up, put a knife to my head and a gun to my throat...  that's MY story. She has a different recollection of the events.  After 31 years, I don't trust her memory.   :hat:

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I realized at some point that I couldn't bear the thought of life without her. You can't pass that up over silly things like money, freedom, privacy, guy toys, binge drinking and a rotating variety of sexual positions.
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She was the first REALLY attractive girl I dated. Then I fell in love and realized anyone else would be a step down. Plus she wasn't crazy or at least mostly sane, an that's hard to come by in women.

Plus she loves me and that's the most important thing.
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