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Shooting Sports ... Match Reports???

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I would love to see this part of the TN Gun Owners community take off. One of the ways that I think we can achieve this is by posting reports from matches, whether local or regional.

If any of you participate or attend a match and would like to post the results or any pictures please do so. In fact, I'd go so far as to make folks official "reporters" for TGO if they would like the task of keeping on top of matches and posting this stuff for us.

That and a buck-fitty would get you a cup of coffee somewhere I'm sure! :D

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Guest Ramtough47

North Tennessee Practical Shooters at Dickson had a great match this Mother day weekend. You can go to their web site at: ntps.org and see the results. I think they had a 2 day total of 80 shooters.They opened up their "Wood Walk" course, and that was a blast and then they also had a 40 round stage that was very interesting. Great match.

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Not much to report, the Chattanooga Rifle Club's match on Mother's Day was pretty small.

We had 7 participants and we shot 3 stages.

One was a plate rack, 5 plates , 4 individual runs.

Stage 2 was 3 targets at 7 yards and 3 more at 17 - 20yards.

2 to the body on each 12 rounds . Six from point A , mandatory reload 6 from point B.

Stage 3 same stage setup, but all head shots.

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Guest Ramtough47

North Tennessee Practical Shooter's[NTPS.org] this weekend broke a record for shooters in one weekend....91!!!!!

Great weather,Great turnout,fun and challenging courses of fire.If anyone here hasn't been to one of their matches i highly encourge you to do so.They have some of the best shooters in the state if not in the South right there.

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Guest Ramtough47

NTPS does it again.....another great match and challenging courses of fire.For those who were there,what about stage 5 and all the "no-shoots".I bet i heard " i don't know what i am going to do here or i need help" a dozen times.Man it was a blast.NTPS once again shows why they have such huge turn-outs.Way to go guys.

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I don't know how many of you have shot IDPA but I highly recommend it especially at TAC2, occasionally I shoot idpa at Kettle foot in Bristol, I'm pretty sure first timers shoot free the first time both places.

I have taken several training classes but had no idea what I would do under stress if “x†situation happened such as double feed, failure to feed etc. until I started shooting matches, I realize that an idpa match isn’t Bubba & his brother trying to relieve you of your valuables or life but trust me get out there in front of several people & you will feel the pressure.

The 2 main reasons I like Tac2 are #1 it’s 10 minutes from my house & #2 his stages are creative. Expect moving targets, steel reactive targets, shooting into or out of vehicles, etc.

A brief description of the last match

Stage 1

7 steel targets shot down a hallway from a doorway with 4 cardboard targets to the sides one of which was a disappearing target triggered by stepping on a spot in the hall

Stage 2 3 & 4

Were all similar, 3 cardboard targets grouped closely in all 3

Stage 2 required 3 shots on all paper with 1 head shot each, the first 3 shots in tactical sequence

Stage 3 same as 2 minus the headshots but shots had to be made while retreating

Stage 4 same as 3 but stationary all shots from weak hand

Stage 5

Shooter starts at the door to the saloon at buzzer shooter engaged black & white targets from the left & right windows alternating windows / colors for each shot. This was the match make or break stage.

Stage 6

Basic Bill Drill, 6 shots from surrender position as fast as possible.

Stage 7

El Presidente shooter starts with back to targets 6 rounds in the gun, at buzzer shooter turns, then draws fires 2 per target at which point your firearm will be at slide lock reload & put 2 more in each target.

Stage 8

Shooter starts seated ankles crossed & fingers locked at buzzer shooter draws fires 3 rounds into T1 & T2 then perform a tactical reload move to barrel Then engage T3-T6 from the left of the barrel & T7-T10 from the right side.

Sorry I don’t have any pics maybe next time.

BTW I was 6th in CDP

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Guest price g

DECEMBER 8th CHRPC 3-GUN match Cleveland Tennessee. chrpc.com

We had 20 shooters from all over the south east. The stages were the most challenging of the year. Here are your top guns in each divison.

OPEN--1st Chris Webber233.91. 2nd Duane Neal 293.81

TACTICAL--1st Mike Fielden247.16. 2nd Jason Burnette 265.53

LIMITED--1st Andrew Herrington 425.17. 2nd Maliya Herrington 638.33

Thanks to all of the shooters for choosing our club to particapate with.

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