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Sig vs Glocks


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If you can try Sig vs Glock at the range before buying your mind will likely be easily swayed as to which is for you.


The biggest deal for many is the different trigger action. Many that have gotten used to the Glock feel awkward transitioning to the double/single action of the Sig.

Some say the higher bore axis of the Sig makes it jump a bit more versus the Glock (never noticed it as an issue personally).


If you run across the older Sig 228 9mm see how that one fits your hand. Some have a hard time putting it back under the glass after picking 'em up.  ;)

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I own many Sigs and Glocks too.  I consider myself a Sig guy, but can not ignore the Glock.  Think of it this way, the Sig is absolutely a beautiful weapon, smooth, and just sexy.  Its kinda like the beautiful classy girl in High School, the one that made your heart race when you looked at her, and the one you would bring home to mama.  However, the Glock will do just fine, its ugly, not as sexy.  Its kinda like the fat or ugly girls in high school, not to sexy, little plump but sure were dependable to put out if you know what I mean.  Both will do fine if you can score!


I do know this, if my Sig P220 was to accidently slip out of my hand, and hit the concrete, I would look all over the gun for dents and scratches, and fret about them, however if my Glock 21 fell to the ground, I could care less.      

Man i think that is the absolute best way i have heard this debate be explained,very well done and yes i love both in guns and women(haha) :cool:

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Wow u just reminded me of what the difference is between a big girl and a moped: they're both fun to ride but you don't want your friends to see or catch you on em hahahaha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2 of course it ate my spelling. Edited by Dustbuster
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You really should own BOTH...  Sigs will cost you more but they are a sweet shooting gun.  Just bought a Glock 19 v4 so next time I go to the range

I will be shooting it along side my Sig P239 (which I love).  Both are about the same size but the Sig is heaver (all metal).  Everyone should own at least one or two Glocks.  Advantage Glock 15 round magazine!  

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I am a glock fan there I admitted it. Have 2 some times three 17's a 26 or two a 19 a 36 some times a 21. If it shoots 9mm or 45ACP. I have had it or own it as far as glocks go don't own but did get to shoot a 18 once.

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Just a bit of past experience for me. I had a p229 that had been shot to death and a g36 that had a frame recall.  I am not holding a grudge on either make.  I'm actually looking for a sig 1911 right now.  I like that I can strip a glock down to the frame and not even have to google it.  I hate that if I bobtail that 1911 if I get it, it will void the warranty.  I have baby hands but glock now makes a 30S that I believe is a fix for that.  It is simply a matter of shooting both and choosing whichever one you want.  Go for the one that hits bulls eye if it will be a range gun or presents faster and stays on target if its a CCW gun.  Buy the one that completes the task you want it to accomplish the best.  Sorry if I made it worse not better. 

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