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From the P238 manual:


2.1.2 Principal Features
The single action only trigger, in combination with the thumb
safety, ensures safe carrying of the weapon and provides
instant readiness when needed.
The automatic firing pin safety blocks the firing pin unless
the trigger is pulled.
The hammer safety intercept notch prevents the hammer
from contacting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.
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I would think it would be either/or, not both.  that is, 1/2 cocked and draw/thumb hammer back OR cocked and locked.  Still one motion to perform either way (hammer or safety) -- so *if* you can do it, and practice, either one should be workable.   Safety is much, much easier to do though.

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From the P238 manual:


The automatic firing pin safety blocks the firing pin unless
the trigger is pulled.



^^^ whatever that is, I cannot *see* it.   But if its in the manual its probably there on both designs.

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Look at item #17 on your parts list.


If you want to see how it works, remove your slide and barrel.  Using the tip of a ball point pen try (at the firing pin stop) to push the firing pin forward.  You can't.  Now try it while depressing the firing pin block located on the underside of the rear of the slide.


You need to know this if you ever decide to remove your firing pin for cleaning.  You will not get it back without depressing the firing pin block.

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Been carrying one for years even when I carry one of my larger pistols. Always cocked and locked like I always carried 1911's.  Very straight shooter and has never malfunctioned in any manner.

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try a P 938. i think you would like it also.

I agree the 938 is nice! They did have to upsize it just enough that, for me, it isn't nearly as discreet for pocket holster carry. 


:2cents:  For both 238 and 938, it is a good idea to look at the manual before disassembly/assembly for the first time. The ejector can be manipulated into the wrong position during disassembly if not careful. I read about it online is probably the only reason I didn't mess up. 

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My wife carries the 238 and loves it.  She got tired of me borrowing it, so she bought me a 938, which she likes almost as well.  The 938 has a little more kick to it.  Not enough to really bother you, but enough that my hand hurts after 300 rounds.  I carry the 938 everywhere I go and it is always cocked and locked!

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Figured I'd bump this. I picked up a P238 Scorpion today. Love the feel of it. Gonna try and run a few rounds through it tomorrow. Anybody have a favorite pocket holster? Need to get one for it.




D. M Bullard.... My little 238 has been settin in one for the best part of two years...


Hope this helps...


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You carry it hammer down or cocked and locked? Actually, it's not drop/impact safe with hammer down is it, just like a 1911?


How do the rest of y'all carry them? I'm quite happy with my PM9, but admit I've found this pistola attractive, but doubt I'll ever bump down to .380.


- OS

Ive carry'd mine cocked and locked every since i bought it, thats on my belt in my coat pocket and in shorts and jeans pockets and never have i fealt it was a concern thats the way it designed to be carry'd, in my opinion the 238 is the best pocket pistol on the market by far.

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