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What can I do with a swimming pool?


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My wife and I are looking at a house for sale, but it has a swimming pool. I don't like hate swimming pools. They're dangerous, expensive and time consuming to maintain.  It's a small pool and a lot narrower than a normal in-ground swimming pool. There is also a spa nearby. I have no use for it either, but a spa can be covered so it's not quite the eyesore of an empty or algae-filled swimming pool.


What can I do with this pool?

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If the place is priced with a pool, talk them down and fill it.

If ya cant get them down, find another.

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Keep something in the bowl. Water or otherwise. They will "float" on you and then you will have an even bigger dangerous unusable hole in the ground than you think you have now.
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Fill it full of silver coins, buy a pirate costume and sit on the diving board all day with a sword guarding it.

Sam wins.

Also expectable would be a Scrooge McDuck costume, though that would require actually diving into said pool to pull off correctly. That might hurt a bit.
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Could also do like that couple from Arizona that were on the preppers show. They turned theirs into a full scale aquaponics garden, it actually looked like that was what it was meant to be all along.
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Do what we did 15 years ago. Fill it with dirt and plant something. In ground pools are an expensive investment in every way and add no real value to a home. They are a selling point. That's it.

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Sam wins.

Also expectable would be a Scrooge McDuck costume, though that would require actually diving into said pool to pull off correctly. That might hurt a bit.

with the way the countries economy is going, he could use paper money. It'll be worthless soon anyway  :wall:

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We had the same problems when house shopping, and I share your opinion of pools.


Find another house.  Or if you love the house... salt water pools are much lower maintenance than chlorine pools.  Depending on the type of pool, they can be converted.   If that's not an option and the pool is in disrepair, you can included the cost of demolition in your offer. 

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I had an in ground pool once.  I dumped bunch of old stumps in the bottom followed by a dump truck full of topsoil and I had a great garden.  Until I can afford to hire someone to maintain a pool, I'm not having a pool.

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Several SHTF uses:  water storage, bunker, ammo cache, etc. I am thinking the pirate thing or the oil change idea could be good as well.


Our above ground has not been much trouble at all. I probably just jinxed it by saying that. 


I'd say if you don't like pools pick another house so you don't have to deal with it.

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Houses are a headache...they take maintenance but we have to put up with that because we need a place to live.  Pools, on the other hand are not "needed" by anyone...they are simply an extravagance and they are an additional headache because they too require maintenance.


Now, a nice, well maintained, functioning pool (if you want a pool) can be a great thing but if you aren't willing to do the maintenance and/or just don't want a pool then as others have said, just find another house because even filling it in, etc. is still a headache (I don't know about you but I don't and most people don't need additional headaches)...there are simply too many nice houses on the market right now to "settle" for something that you don't really want.


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