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WARNING! Tisas 1911 is a DO NOT BUY or... (Tanker's Revenge)

Guest TankerHC

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On 9/2/2022 at 6:48 PM, Garufa said:

I do not own a Tisas but I sure would like to.  Those Turks make some fine firearms.

Yes. Simply Yes. I was laughed at when I bought my fist one. The low price alone talked me into it. That's been 6/7(?) years ago and I own several now. Not getting laughed off the range(when I last went anyway) for my guns...just my shooting skills.

Last Tisas/SDS I bought was a SS 5" model. It's the tightest 1911 I have ever seen.

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On 11/27/2022 at 3:51 PM, LSMurphy said:

Where did  you find it and how much?

The Ultimate came from Shooting Surplus


I paid $1090 plus shipping.  When trying to locate these, search for both Tisas and SDS Imports.

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14 minutes ago, Snaveba said:

Oh look, it’s back again! The thread that never stops! 🤣😂🤣

That’s a great price on a basic 1911! I have the Tisas U.S. Army 1911a1 and it a very reliable pistol. And as JMB intended, it’s combat accurate. I bought it because it was the closest model for sell, that was like the one I carried in the Army. But instead of “character lines” it looks brand new. 🙂

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19 minutes ago, BigK said:

What is preferred 1) starting a new thread about an existing topic or 2) resurrecting an old thread? Seems like half prefer one and half prefer another.

I’m of the opinion that it really depends on a few factors like how long the thread has been dormant and does the prior conversation on the topic bear directly (like providing context) to the new related post. 

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That's a hell of a buy. I nice set of Walnut ot Cocobolo grips from CDNN, and you'll have a nice looking, nice shooting 1911.

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13 hours ago, BigK said:

What is preferred 1) starting a new thread about an existing topic or 2) resurrecting an old thread? Seems like half prefer one and half prefer another.

I have no preference.  It's just funny how this thread seems to roll around every three months or so. It's been going on and on and on since Nov. 11th, 2013. And honestly, most  of the opinions about this pistol are not in line with the OP's. Mine certainly are not! 

BTW, for those that don't know the original poster, TankerHC, was kicked off this forum not very long after he started this thread.

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In all fairness, back when this thread started Tisas were relatively new to the market. At that time, they weren't much. 🙄 But now, 9 years later, Tisas makes a good, reliable and inexpensive gun. So the OP may very well have been right. But times and Tisas have changed. 😉

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16 hours ago, BigK said:

What is preferred 1) starting a new thread about an existing topic or 2) resurrecting an old thread? Seems like half prefer one and half prefer another.


If it relates to a Tisas, always resurrect this thread. Lord willing, this will go on forever. 

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This thread keeps popping up, then going back to sleep, then back up.................

After watching several videos and talking to some Tisas owners, I bought a 1911A1 and earlier this week took it to the range.  I have to say that I am pleasantly pleased.....surprised....maybe even shocked. 

As I usually do, I first disassembled and cleaned it just to lube it and check it.  It was easier to take down and back up than many of my more expensive 1911's.  Also, very tight fitting and not the slop that one might expect in a budget weapon.  It ate everything I threw at it with zero problems.  I found it to be very accurate although the sights are the basic "GI" sights that one finds on the originals.

Lately, when I shoot, I do it in "themes."  I'll do all .22's, or all revolvers, or all 9mm, etc. so this day was a 1911 theme. I decided to take two additional original WWII Remington Rands as well as a couple of newer "name" brands with me so I switched out magazines and the Tisas accepted all of the mags and ammo flawlessly.  In fact, the slide can even be switched out with the originals which I found to be very impressive, indeed! 

I could wax on and on, but suffice to say it was a very pleasurable experience with no hassles.  Not bad for a $350 pistol.

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Below are pictures of the Tisas 1911A1 that I discussed above.

As an aside, I got to thinking about the movie, "The scent of a woman" where Al Pacino's character, who is a blind, ex Army Lt Colonel, disassembles his 1911 and then asks a person to time him assembling it.  Did it in 25 seconds.  

I tried it................... no freakin' way, ha.  😂

Tisas 1911A1a.jpg

Tisas 1911A1b.jpg

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